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December 02, 2016


Sheila N.

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Montana Kaimin is reporting that Juneau will apply.

"Outgoing Superintendent of Public Education Denise Juneau confirmed she will apply to be president of the University of Montana.

The same day Royce Engstrom’s resignation was announced, Juneau’s supporters started an online petition calling for the Board of Regents to hire her for the position. Juneau initially said she would consider applying and confirmed that she will throw her hat in the ring Friday."


Of course, just because she's a popular dem politician in Montana doesn't mean she's the right person for the UofM presidency. Actually, given the predominantly republican legislature, asking a dem politician to navigate relations with the rep leg isn't a prescription for a good outcome. Better the Regents hire someone who can give the UofM a better direction given the inevitable austerity that is going to be foisted in its direction.

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