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November 11, 2016



Why are you pissed at the voters?

All they had to work with was what they got - Hillary, or The Donald.

When the DNC was fixing the primary, (now proven) why couldn't they come up with a Joe Manchin, Jay Nixon, or Tom Udall?

Enough on the politics - but as far as the NFL goes, I think the Broncos need to be wary this week - every once in a while I write the Saints off, and they show up and beat the shit out of somebody. They'd love to beat on the reigning Champ. That's my upset pick for the week.


"Why are you pissed at the voters?"

That's precisely where you start off wrong, Eric. Can you read? I'm not pissed at voters. I'm pissed off at non-voters. I'd like think you get that, but you clearly don't.


The people who didn't vote would probably vote in the same proportion as the rest of their neighbors, and in theory the results would be the same - in Montana The Donald + 20 pts.

I was a strong supporter of Ted Cruz, watched him get stomped, and held my nose and voted for the Donald.

William Skink

nice tantrum, Rob. maybe Democrats will learn the lessons they need to learn after this debacle. if they don't make the effort, I'm certainly not obligated to make the effort to vote. directing your rage at me is pretty useless, but I think you've gotten comfortable being useless.

are you going to join Hillary's purple revolution now that the great beast has ascended the throne?


"Trump will open gas, coal and oil leases...

Anthropogenic climate change will continue and accelerate. Wealth distribution upward will continue. The US remains an empire in decline."

All this and far more occurred under Obama, and would have continued under Clinton. President Trump will do nothing to change these dynamics. So what's with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, and directing your ire at those who would publicly unveil their reasons for withholding their vote?

Mark Tokarski

Mark, you really are not welcome here until you shown me exactly how Mamma Cass Elliot became Hillary Clinton. There is, as always, a mountain of evidence to disprove your bullshit. I don't need to read it, here or elsewhere. So go away.


So lizard, you're seriously going to tell me that if others don't make the effort you want, you'll screw with whomever you like by not making the effort to cast a simple vote? That you're overwhelmed with your own privilege is obvious, but now I'm beginning to think you're just lazy and excusing it by pointing fingers at everyone else.

The last stanza of your 'day after' post was truly clarifying. Behind the elegant exposition was a simple statement. "Things won't get much worse for me, so fuck all of you." The lower income people I work with will be certain to see your logic when their taxes actually increase when Trump rubber-stamps Ryan's budget reconciliation bill. Without a doubt our LGBT friends will understand your principled stance of 'doing nothing' as their very rights and lives are now literally more threatened than they have been in 35 years. Hell, whats the problem with a white nationalist as a chief policy advisor if it doesn't lower your health insurance costs? Or an anti-science Education Secretary if he helps you put your kids in a private school, perhaps a military academy with brown shirts and ties? No Liz, you're not going to white-wash your culpability by claiming me a 'Hillary supporter, do or die'. I had a tantrum, according to you, in a post. Your tantrum has been going for years. And now you have your way. The "corruption" of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, most of which you fabricated and endorsed in your head have finally be defeated. A party that practiced bad politics is now in shambles. Meanwhile, a truly, empirically, visibly and quite openly corrupt conman is going to become President. You got your way, Toddler. Don't hold your fucking breath expecting anyone to thank you for it. That won't happen.

You still miss the obvious. I'm not an eviro-dude-bro, or a kindness in all things liberal, or a social justice warrior, or a technocratic Neo-lib. I'm a labor Democrat who believes that organized workers actually provide the best path for this country, environmentally, socially, and empathically. 'My people' have fostered social justice, and equality, and economic egalitarianism. By not getting involved, you've taken a shit on all of that. You want to stop income inequality? Unfair gender and race practices? Environmental decline? Most Americans are with me in opinion. You pretend to share those, but obviously don't. You want something from your existence in this country? Quit blaming friends for you being lazy. You fucked up, and you ain't getting anything you want. You just want the rest of us to absolve you of the pain that we can't get what we want either. Make that selfish, and lazy.

Billbob writes:

"Trump will open gas, coal and oil leases...

Anthropogenic climate change will continue and accelerate. Wealth distribution upward will continue. The US remains an empire in decline."

All this and far more occurred under Obama, and would have continued under Clinton. President Trump will do nothing to change these dynamics.

You're just kinda ignorant, aren't you? Some of those slowed and actually reversed under Obama. Not the empire stuff, mind you, but leases and global climate change gases from 'Murica? Oh yes. Wealth redistribution even slowed. But you actually think it's somehow "smart" to write that because these problems weren't fixed under Obama it's a-okay to let them accelerate under Trump? People who didn't vote elected Trump. That's simple math. See, Clinton won the popular vote, and the electoral picture would have changed dramatically if people would have voted their concerns instead of cowardly buying the media narrative of false equivalence, hiding behind not voting and blaming the rest of us for it. You were more concerned that Hillary and the DNC would perpetuate a two party system you don't like (even though it's pretty much written into the Constitution) than that a petulant narcissist would take control of the security apparatus of the US, both domestic and foreign. You're a special kinda stupid, aren't you?

William Skink

despite your post personalizing your disdain toward my specific form of not-voting, your beef is with nearly 100 million of your fellow eligible-to-vote Americans who also didn't vote. and then there's the laborers--"your people"--and their significant turnout for Trump because Democrats abandoned them decades ago.

is the result of this election enough to get you to articulate your political opinions again, or are you going to slink away like the other blogging quitters who can't fathom how many Americans were willing to vote for a conman instead of a corrupt sociopath like HRC?


You are as fired up as I've seen you Rob - but there's no point - it's Game Over.

If you look at a map, Barack Hussein Obama's policies have turned the Map from 1/2 Red/Blue, to all Red, with only a coastal party left - NY coast and California coast.

He has cost them Governors offices, State legislatures, and local offices by the thousands.

And the Dems learned nothing - they put Chuck Schumer in charge of the Senate Minority, and I'll bet money they stick with Nancy Pelosi too.

In 2018 I predict they wallop the Dems again and get a veto-proof majority in the Senate.

Our own Jon Tester will start infuriating you, ans he becomes what I call 'Max Jr.' and signs on with the GOP agenda, yet will give sound bites to appease the Montana Dems. Not that he needs to, because they will grumble, but don't have the spine to deal with their defectors.

It's 4th quarter for the Dems, 2 minutes left, and down by two scores. I think it's gave over for a generation at least unless they turn themselves back into the party my father supported.


I "fathom it" just fine, Liz. Understanding it isn't my problem. As for the 47% that didn't vote, I do have a problem with them. But for the most part, they haven't posted on a blog about burning their ballots to make a specious point about how choosing the greater evil is okay because the other choice wouldn't have helped them much, personally. And for all your caterwaul about it, neither you, nor Wikileaks nor anyone else has been able to show any real evidence of Clinton's dire corruption. Hell, you even regurgitated a fake news story about Clinton was about to be indicted because of her hacked email server.

As for "my people", Organized Labor, what's left of it, still supported Clinton in the end. It's the "what's left of it" part that's the biggest problem.

Eric, I see that your reading comprehension hasn't improved much. The Democratic party is in shambles. I freely admit that. I fairness to you, most of my writing has been on Facilebook, and there I've been pointing out that in order for a new party to arise, one of the existing had to fall. I had hopes that it would be the Reopublicants. A new party will arise, and it probably will be under the Democratic name. But it won't come from the Greens, or the democratic socialist or the kindness to all folk, despite what Lizard might hope. All of their talk of the betrayal of Dems, and the Overton window and the people being on their side, well that's crap now. What will come from this debacle will rise from the growing split among conservatives, with a pretty heavy shift to the social right. Some Republicans are already noticing that Trump's transition team is chock full of lobbyists and racists, and they're not too happy about it. Trump is still facing fraud and harassment charges. It wouldn't surprise me one bit that there are those who planned this such that we get President Pence. (There's a conspiracy theory for ya')

Either way, I'm not going anywhere. I will still likely do the bulk of my political writing on Facilebook, and my football blogging here. Hell, Eric's Raiders are finally starting to make things interesting.

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