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September 06, 2016



You picked the Titans twice but have no pick for bears/Texans.
Worst game of the week has to be Eagles Browns. Eagles are tanking without their own first round pick?
Good you have the bills last in afc east (hope abounds) even though you picked them this week. Ravens are old & have no playmakers so it's a good call
Ryan brothers are a hot plate of sloppy joes, you're right about that.
Mack is awesome - still root for him from his days tearing it up at UB just not in week 13
The YC is calling tommy and Gisele home. Without him billy chick might as well be coaching the Browns again.
Sorry in advance about your broncos. No qb = no chance in nfl. There's always last year though.
A bad football expert


The Titans - Texans mix up has been fixed. Brain dysfunction.

I still have faith in the Bronco defense, even without a quality QB. Great article on NFL.com today about the Quarterback position. It's a great read.

Quarterbacking in 2016

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