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February 14, 2016


Greg Strandberg

Speaking of obscurity when it comes to courts, how about our own Montana Supreme Court?

I've heard next to nil on those races this year.


Greg, if that's the case, then i suggest that you aren't looking.

There is a significant and obvious difference between the MTSC and the SCOTUS. We elect our SC justices in this state, and their roles are clearly defined in our Constitution. This does tend to make the seats far more political in nature, and exposes them to political review at regular intervals. If you haven't heard anything yet, just wait. It's coming.

However, federal law and Constitution always trumps state, as ruled by the SCOTUS (Altria v. Good and many other rulings.) Notice how very few Montanans could even name that ruling from 2008. SCOTUS justices are appointed, often from and with political agendas, and they serve for life or term of choice. As I indicated, from the very beginning, the SCOTUS has had some ability to define it's own role in the separation of powers, which according to Bush v. Gore extends to selecting who our President will be. That would be a President who nominated two justices strengthening the already conservative anti-citizenry bent of our current court.

Apologies if I didn't address the weak electoral power granted by Montanans to their Justice system. Perhaps you can do a better job of posting about what I obviously didn't care to post about in the first place.

Greg Strandberg

I'll be putting stuff up as we get closer...I hope. I rely on the Montana media a lot and I just haven't been seeing too much. Maybe that'll change.

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