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January 26, 2016



I picked Denver, and I'll give you my reasons for that;

First, Cam Newton looked invincible against a feckless Cardinal defense, who never flustered him all day. But that's not the Broncos. Cam's jersey will get soiled next Sunday, as the Denver defense has been smacking quarterbacks around all year, and didn't stop last week.

Second, Peyton Manning isn't going to hold back, isn't going to conserve himself, I think he'll play this game like it's his last, and he'll win that game.

All to do now is pop up some popcorn and enjoy the game next week.

Nameless Range

You were spot on in saying that Denver has the best defense in football.

As time ran out this post popped in my head. Hopefully you were able to enjoy it as a fan.

If this was Peyton's final game it is the end of an era. For me personally, it is strange. How many have come and gone while he consistently played good football? How many greats themselves? In 1998 when Peyton was drafted I was an 8th grader at Clancy Elementary School. I am 32 now. What a career.

Thanks for the football analysis and predictions this season. I enjoy and appreciate em.


Eric, Good call. NR, thank you and you're welcome.

In 1998, Elway surprised all of Bronco Nation by coming back for one last season, a season we all knew would be his last. Winning SB 33 was bitter-sweet, kinda like this one. Regardless of what pundits or swamis are saying, Peyton's mom and dad have said he should retire on top. That's what I think he will listen to, and that we have come to the end of a terrific era.

On the plus side, though we may be losing Manning - Brady, we have many years to enjoy Newton - Wilson - Luck - Rodgers.

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