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December 17, 2015


Craig Moore

Rob, anyone can pick a game... however, they may be wrong more than 50% of the time. Like Tokimon, I could use some digital TP to clean up my mistakes.

I think the Warriors will take the Bills.


Craig, that's exactly why I don't put money on football. (Though I do have a one dollar bet this week with a friend on the Broncos Steelers game ...)


Generally when Rob picks the Bills they lose. The Rexmagic wore off in 2011 and it’s not coming back.

As someone who’s read along all these years, I offer this:

"Most people are simply not capable of grasping the hard cold reality of life as it is, and need their myths"

As is often the case, that which we hate most in ourselves, we resent the most in others, especially when the myths are confused with reality. Don’t let the assholes most fragile among us get you down. They aren’t fooling anyone.

Perhaps as Craig suggested everyone could use some healing this Christmas.


Healing is definitely needed, as sciatica has me in a heavy grip right now. And I don't know if it counts as healing, but I have been one helluva lot happier since I ceased being a foil for the mythologies of others and started to focus almost exclusively on what brings me joy.

I still think Rex can coach, but he seems committed to the idea that life does to him, and he takes responsibility for what he really believes he can't control. Those Bills have talent, especially on the D side. If he would pay attention, he'd notice that the team so longer suffers from NohasQB Simplex 1. Washington is playing above their level, but the Bills should easily be able to take them down. So it really is all on Rex.

Craig Moore

Sciatica is no fun. 25 standard pushups followed by 25 knee pushups, with your back bowed towards the floor, twice a day. Try it and see if that helps you as much as it has me.


I'm not doing that with the frequency I should because I'm at the stage where the pain stops the exercise. This bout has been a bad one.

Craig Moore

I hear ya on the pain. I describe it as if your belly button would unscrew, your butt would fall off. Do as many as you can.


go Chiefs!


I said at the beginning of the season that I'd be happy with 6 wins this year, given the Raiders schedule, and their skills at losing - it's nice to see them at least playing competitive football again. This upcoming week in the NFL will answer a lot of questions about the playoffs.


Gentlemen, I grudgingly admit that the league as a whole is much more fun when the AFC West is competitive. It was even nice to see SanAngeles win.

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