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December 10, 2015


Craig Moore

Good job at deconstructing the foolishness of the person, "who believes that the Moon landings were faked, that the Newtown shooting, the Boston marathon bombings and San Bernardino were black flag ops, who believes that the "real" Paul McCartney was killed as part of the JFK assassination cover-up..." on his blog. I have never seen a pretzel unraveled so cleanly and reduced to pathetic soggy dough.

Sorry about your Broncos.


Thanks Craig. I'm actually enjoying his latest tact, that since power can only be known by how we can't see it, our ignorance of it's structure proves that structure exists. An Argument to Ignorance is my favorite fallacy to poke fun at.

As for the Broncos, I was kind of afraid that would happen, and that's why I thought this would be Osweiler's toughest test yet. They were out-coached by Del Rio, who knew exactly how to unleash Khalil Mack. I'm not happy with Kubiak's lack of adaptability. Kudos to the Raiders; I think they will be grieving the rest of the AFC West for a decade to come.

Craig Moore

I see Brock Osweiler is getting the start against the Steelers. Provided Denver's defense shows up, I think the Broncos will win.

Like me, are you still blocked at CG's? I refuse to apologize for an offense I did not offer when discussing the Helena Civil War monument.


I'm not convinced that Osweiler can keep up with the scoring machine of Roeslethsberger and company.

I am still blocked at CG's. I emailed 'her' with a complaint about the moderation concerning another and 'she' told me that my comments simply aren't "appearing". Which basically means that the site owner has abdicated the throne to Montana Intemperance. I have commented a couple of times past the moderator concerning the U system, which I know a little bit about. But whoever the moderator is, they will get no apology or even a kind word from me.


The Packers have been sputtering during the second half of the season, and their defense isn't as good as Denvers - so if there's to be an upset game I'd pick Oakland.

I'm not reading anything into Oakland beating Denver - because the Broncos were only a couple of dropped balls away from winning easily.

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