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November 25, 2015


Mark Tokarski

32 teams, sixteen weeks, 256 games, Knowing that better teams will defeat bad teams, there are usually 5 or so games easily called, only wrong as upset. The rest are 50-50.

So let's see ... Sixteen weeks ... 5 X 16 easy calls, 80 for you in the win column. The balance, sixteen weeks, 176 games, 50-50, 88 games in the win column.

Total, 168 wins called. 168/256 = 63%. You're right on track.


Well, Mark, one prediction I made with absolute certainty is that you were too much of a narcissistic blowhard to actually leave off blogging when you said you would. Hell, you actually find your lack of integrity somehow excusable because you are, well, you. Another that I've made many times and been 100% correct about is that when you feel neglected you lash out begging for hits and response. You are an attention whore, and you bore me, fucker. Go away.

Mark Tokarski


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