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November 05, 2015



Every time I get a letter in the mail from one of the bigwigs I think, "my God, I've finally done it - I've finally said too much."

Then I open it to see more grovelling for money.

God, they're desperate.

So what can be done?

Denise Juneau is a fine example of the problem. She could have a chance if National would allow her to untie one arm from behind her back and talk like Bernie Sanders, or perhaps how her mother might have talked.

But that won't happen, because if it did then fundraising to Juneau would be cutoff. Sure, maybe not the small donations from Montanans, but do those really get the job done anyways?

So I'm not expecting much, other than another disgruntled and jaded Democrat come mid-November 2016.

It's so obvious that Democrats don't want to take the legislature as they're doing nothing to get the rural areas. Gianforte gave us the exact map we need to follow, meeting with townspeople or precinct captains.

Instead the state brass does nothing.

Clearly you're right - they have no plan.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

Rob, I give up on the Dim establishment in Montana. They are fucking PATHETIC! (Bacausiean is the word I'm looking for!) The likes of AbNorma and cowshit girl are now the new face of the Dimwit party. (very sad, right?)

But ya know, I have always enjoyed and admired your fighting spirit and the same spirit of your brother. Although we didn't always agree, at least I knew that I had some tough as leather hombres fighting Montanans to get things done.

Those days are over I'm afraid.

Oh sure, I still carry on as I have always done. Alone. With a few close buddies. But it does get damn lonesome out here in the outback when I can't read my pals out there fighting too around the state. I think your laser logic is what I miss most. NO one cuts the nuts off the teatard losers like you do. It was great while it lasted.

But ya know, I really can't call myself a Dem any more in this state. The real Dems went tits up long ago. They pussified themselves. Hence, I no longer associate with them.

Keep the faith, amigo. I know you will.


Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

p.s. My current project is kicking these no go Canadian and Australian motherfuckers off MY Smith River.


We here in GF are gonna have some FUN with these no good pricks!

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

Thanks, Baucus, thanks Dims. We get fucked and AbNorma and cowshit girl get great reviews!....supposedly. (best in the state? really? says who?!)


I was reading a great story in the GF Spitoon the other day about a vet who had fought in three wars. His story was truly amazing. He mentioned listening to Gen Ike before D Day. Ike told his soldiers to sell your lives dearly. In other words, make the Germans pay a tremendous cost before you die, which they most likely would.

We cannot make anyone pay, for we are taken out of the battle by the likes of AbNorma and cowshit girl. And that's really sad. All I've ever asked for on the blogs is a chance to fight back. And we can't even have that thanks to cowshit girl and her lover AbNorma. Sad, so sad.

And THIS is your new Dim party in Montana.

The blogs aren't even any fun any more now that these frickin' weird femi Nazi wee men have taken over the blogs. I mean, really, marry sheehee moe, and the other one! Ferrchrissakes. Are there REALLY no men left in the Montana Dim party?! Is it the goofy wee man party? Who's that goofy broad with the thick glasses again? Wow! SHE otter scare the hell outta the thugs in the teabag party!

Allow us ALL to fight back, femi nazzis! Not just the merry shee he moes!


I kinda did this to myself by being a "large donor" to Jon Tester in '06. I believed in the man, and gave accordingly. No matter how many times I am told by the fringe that Tester is a Judas or a Dino, I still believe that he has acted and continues to act as a fine representative of myself, my country, and my state. The 11th having just passed, I do not think our veterans are 'heroes', but we damned sure owe them an obligation of care. That was a promise we made when we put them in the line of fire. Tester has done more than almost all of our dysfunctional Senate to see that we fulfill that obligation. It isn't 'for the soldiers', it's for us, that we keep our promises. I like that about the man.

The MT Democratic party has lost sight of 2 incredibly important things. 1) That people come before party, and that means the people running as much as the people they are supposed to represent. Amanda Curtis was a good candidate out of her depth, and the party laid back counting on D cred to carry the day. Of fucking course it didn't. She needed guidance, support, and exposure as well as money for loser attack ads. She needed solidarity based on who she was, not party. And that's the thing. The MDP counts on historical Democrats to fall in line with their new love of money and branding. While the Republicants took family values and working ideals away from them, they didn't learn one damned thing except spend, squander, and shrug about how stupid people can be for voting for the other guy.

2) The MTDP has abandoned workers. Oh they'll make great hue and cry about how they support "labor", but completely forget that they are the ones who voted to deregulate and de-unionize at the request of Ronnie Raygun. The overwhelming majority of Montana workers were never unionized, and now that unions have been so reduced in power, the MTDP gives them lip-service and completely fails to support the largest unions still active among state employees. Further, they fail to recognize at all that most Montanans work for a living and are taxed to support growth except for growth of the middle class, those who work. Schweitzer got that message of support out loud and clear. What's happening now? Did their balls just drop off?

No. I am not giving money to the Montana Democratic party, or the national party which seems even more inept. I'm not signing their fucking petitions. I'm not calling the office of the unfriendly (that I didn't vote for) to give Daines' secretary a hard time. I'm not going to tell the President how he's not serving my state party's ambition. And I'm not gonna tell Republicants how they are screwing everything up when they have willing support from the party I supposedly 'serve'. I will not buy into the lie that a "D" will serve me. I'm a person, and I want people who represent me


And to all the fringers out there whining 'this person didn't do exactly what I wanted', I have one question: Are you a democrat or a rapist?

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