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August 04, 2015


Abe Froman

Sharpe, Smith & McCaffrey > Thomas and Sanders by far. Thomas is probably more explosive than any of the three 90's guys but Sanders is just a guy.


I don't know about that, Abe. Smith is one the very best route runners I've ever seen in the game. He should be in the HoF, but sadly never will be. McCaffrey is the definition of over-achiever, the earlier model of Wes Welker, but suffered when he didn't have Elway's cannon throwing him the ball. Sharpe is in a universe all his own. He broke the mold of tight-end as just another receiver or a blocker who catches balls, and that's why he's in the HoF. He was unique and deserves mention in any conversation of greatest tight ends of all time.

BUT, Thomas and Sanders were both among the NFL's top 10 receivers of last season. DT is easily among the league's top 5 if not top 3. He has HoF potential, recognizing that the Hall voters seem to have a particular disdain for both Broncos and wide outs. Sanders, especially from the slot, is better than you give him credit for being. Orange Julius was a product of system as we will find out in his tenure in Florida. Manning has made TEs famous before and I wouldn't doubt him doing it again this year.

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