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July 12, 2015


Craig Moore

There is some argument that John Brown and his posse of abolitionists did some shootin' that preceded Sumter. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part4/4p1550.html Interesting how Robert E. Lee was involved in his capture. I can imagine how this episode played in the South in building trust and sense of Union.

I have wondered for sometime why didn't the North offer the South a pathway to eliminate slavery without suffering economic ruin. Except for Lincoln and similar thinkers perhaps the majority of northerners really didn't care about the their southern brethren.


Before the Declaration of Independance was ever written, Jefferson warned Adams not to see Virginia (and the South) as an ally of convenience.

Mike Stone

"To anyone who has been blogging for a while, I strongly suggest taking a hiatus."

This line made me curious as to how long I've been blogging. Turns out that I just had my 10 year anniversary (and I MISSED IT)! June 29th was my first post. How the time flies.

Craig Moore

I saw a recent comment of yours at CG. I remain blocked.


You haven't sucked up yet! i don;t know how long I will remain active there, but if it is for a bit, I will make a case for you.

Craig Moore

Obsequious groveling is in neither of our natures. If you keep writing posts, there won't be a need to waste one's efforts at the Mt. Dem media outlet. Let the wolf out to bark and bite!

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