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July 11, 2015


Mike Stone

I dunno dude, I've seen people edit my comments to homophobic bullshit because of advice you'd given. That seemed pretty out of control. Is this worse than that?


I'm uncertain if 'better or worse' actually applies to incredibly bad moderation of a website.

The situation is this: An anonymous thug was given moderation duties for an anonymously written website that most likely is a covert media wing of the Montana Democratic party. Certain commenters have been given preferential protections against disagreement. Others, myself included, have apparently been on a watch list for bannination. A comment calling people retards stood for over a day. I couldn't even post a polite clarification to some commenters without instant warning against 'bullying', along with specific threats of the awesome power of our anonymous thug.

Not once did it occur to that genius, or the site owner, that people would manipulate that bias to get rid of commenters they didn't agree with. That is exactly what happened.

As soon as MT Temperence (the irony of the name completely lost on him or her) announced the website bias against certain individuals, others went out of their way to bait disagreement with us. One 'watchlist' commenter was having a disagreement with another not singled out for purge. It was polite if forceful. Then, as is usual for her, one of the protected came in with a ham-fisted comment attempting to 'burn the witch!'. The watchlist commenter responded with link and argument, and was banned. He also made the mistake of pouting out that the moderation was being manipulated against me. That's probably what really earned him a ban.

The surreal part, the part that makes me believe that MT Intemperance is a loon, is this. MT Intemperance, when publicly announcing Craig's ban, told him that the ban would be lifted when he went to the anonymous site owner and apologized for the audacity of disagreeing with one of the protected. That's borderline fucking psychotic, especially from someone who had just been manipulated without the wits to see it.

Craig Moore

I was told by Mt Temperance to write a letter of apology to Cowgirl.

Today, I saw this by the "moderator"

Drunks for Denny | July 13, 2015 9:52 PM at 9:52 PM | Reply

This is a sorry state of affairs. While I believe Craig to be a shill for the Republican party and disagree with about 90% of his posts, he has always been respectful of other posters. I see nothing uncivil in his remarks in this thread. This, coupled with lame accusations against the Flathead GOP in the LGBLT thread, shows an alarming deterioration in the quality of the content of this site.

Mt.Temperance | July 14, 2015 3:49 AM at 3:49 AM | Reply

His comments were okay until he decided to be nuisance to the moderator. So he gets a sit-down to cool off…. all he has to do is apologize.

I decided??? I didn't know MT from a hole in the wall. CG's site does not discuss his special status that is otherwise claimed. I asked MT, by what authority did he/she threaten anyone, and if he/she was the blog owner? IF that is being a nuisance, then so be it. Now, I don't get why CG is deserving of an apology for a perceived knock on MT's brittle ego. Are they one and the same? Is MT, Norma? Who knows.


No. MT Intemperance is not Norma. The spelling and punctuation are too good ...

Craig Moore

Have you noticed how lively and intellectually stimulating the discussions have become at CG's with the sheriff on the prowl? The last I checked I am still blocked. Perhaps that is a blessing.


They may not be lively or stimulating, but, boy howdy, aren't they 'agreeable'?


And please notice that after my last moderated comment, which of course no one has read,and Its "final warning" It offered the lame idea that a person responding directly to me or responding exactly to what I had written should not be reacted to by me. I was taking it too personally. This from the fucking jackass who told me that I was not allowed to respond to certain others, AT ALL.

That, that right there, is the heart and soul of the "bullying" that I have been accused of. MT Intemperance is a hypocrite of the first order. And the respect, support, and acknowledgment I have attempted to show to MT Cowgirl as a blogger has taken a major hit. (No, I did not read that bullshit until today.)

Craig Moore

FYI. I am still blocked when I tried to post a Test message. Apparently my transgressions were heinous beyond belief. I will not apologize or otherwise genuflect before such a display of fascist control. I assume this is what Montana's DNC marionettists want. Oh well.

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