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January 15, 2015


Nameless Range

Rob, I have enjoyed reading your weekly predictions this season. I looked forward to them every Thursday.

I am a Packers fan, and I would say your (and everyone else's) predictions about the Packers/Seahawks game are probably right. That said I have two wishful predictions.
1.Jordy Nelson is going to have a game. With his size and Rodger's accuracy. It won't matter if Richard Sherman is covering him.
2.Don't count out the Packer's defense.

In your recent post, you questioned whether Manning would return. No doubt it is a new era of football. For when else in the history of the game would we be questioning whether a QB still "has it" or not after a season of 39 TDs an 15 picks?

Happy Conference Championship weekend Wulfgar!

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