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December 04, 2014


Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

"The juicy scandalous saxxy message here is that the edict is anti-women looking like women, and that is truly important. The practical result is to prohibit active journalism, barring reporters at the will of the GOP leadership. The former inspires humor laden outrage. The latter exits as a direct attack on the First Amendment. It’s pretty clear to me which should be the focus"

Great stuff, amigo. You're still the champ! Take it TO them! Time to wrestle in the mud with the Nazis. I know you can do it, for I've always had the utmost confidence in you! Do it for our beautiful Montana that we both love.


Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

p.s. BTW, brevity! Brevity is the key. That is why Hemmingway is one of my favorite authors. He could kill with sparse prose. You too. It's a gift. Use it! Use it to slay Nazis. And I'll gladly buy you and your brother lots of beers some day of your choice. We have some great local beers up here in GF now. Seriously, Rob, this is your time!

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