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December 15, 2014


Mark Tokarski

Cheney is aware of how he is perceived and who his audience is. If his words are for effect, as words of politicians usually are, then what is the effect? It doubles down. Anyone who is wavering is reassured.

And anyway, I've spent the last 25 years reading about US postwar history. Torture went on before, during and after the ascent of Cheney. It's going on now. I cannot pretend to understand it's full dynamic, but know it intimidates (word gets around), destroys people, creates psychotics, infuses anger, and is probably far more sophisticated than I know. What we saw at Abu Ghraib was very sophisticated stuff, designed to induce psychosis. To what end?

One thing I knw they are not after: information. Torture does not work in that arena.


And anyone who is afraid is now *more* afraid. And (the JC rule) anyone who has given up will now be more willing to encourage others to give up. It's the only way to be certain. It's the only way to take control of one's feelings.

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