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August 08, 2014


Mark Tokarski

The trouble with not writing often enough, Rob, is that when you do write, few people notice. And this does open you up to return fire, but I am not feeling like it.


Mark, this post was written A) simply to amuse myself by applying metaphor and mythology to what I see around me. Call it a game. If there are consequences to that, then so what? B) This was essentially written for Facilebook, which is why it was linked over there. Though the Typepad interface still lacks spellcheck, it is vastly easier to use when composing a post of this type than to use Zuckerberg's bastard marketing agregator.

Consider this, if you will. Very few of the people left in the Montana online are at all familiar with comic book universes, beyond hit n' miss movie adaptations. (Ima go out on limb and include you as a prime example.) Many of my Facilebook friends, on the other hand, as comic geeks and at least passingly familiar with Montana blogging. So, if nothing else, I am piquing interest among those friends to decipher why I have cone to the characterizations posted here. Considering how intriguing the character of Ra's al Ghul truly is, you're welcome. ~heh~

Mark Tokarski

Well, do consider writing more often. You don't sound like anyone else.

I write to amuse myself as well, as I know ho I am perceived. Cannot be changed unless I start molding my views to the mainstream.

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