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June 02, 2014


Mark Tokarski

Personal shot aside, congratulations on your self reflective behavior. Takes a man.


Yeah, we're all like the prisoners in the joke that have numbered all the jokes.

Someone could write a greasemonkey script (or whatever it's called) that replaced everyone's comments with a given emoticon, and no one would notice the difference.

David Sherman

"never engage in online conversation where Larry Kralj has commented" -- full stop.

larry kurtz

Good to smell you, Rob. How is the Bozone battle going?

Mark Tokarski

By the way, we believe in freedom of speech to the exact degree that we are willing to tolerate expression of opinions that we do not like. Americans are not big on the
Bill of Rights generally except for the second amendment and that only because people vigorously defend it. The rest have withered away due to neglect and indifference.

Pete Talbot

Have a nice break. I'm guessing we'll be hearing from you again, sooner than later. Blogs are like cigarettes, Lord knows how many times we've sworn off 'em, we keep comin' back.

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