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October 18, 2013


Craig Moore

Suggestion. Go to your city govt and ask them to white stripe the curb 20 feet each side of your driveway. Try and get the city to make some money by having your side of the street declared a decal parking zone during certain hours. Then alert a towing company for some easy money.

DB Cooper

put a note on the car that says their license plate has been turned in to the gallatin co. drug task force for patronizing a known meth dealer.....

would make the point better if the note included a graphic borrowed from the GalCo DF web site......

DB Cooper

Maybe youve been approaching it from the wrong perspective:

Hold the bar responsible. Have your attorney write the bar owner's and tell them THEIR patrons are violating your prperty, if it contines to happen the bar will sued.

And if you know anybody on the Chronicle staff, seems like the story those guys love.....


DB, knowing full well that 'the bar' is not responsible is not a perspective. It's the truth. The money they make is solely the result to which they can keep people happy with their product. They do not sell access, they sell beer. To be honest, I am far more upset that last weekend, their bartender treated my friend rudely and filled his growler with a beer he didn't ask for than I am that they don't police parking in front of my driveway.

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