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August 09, 2013


Mark Tokarski

Just checking on the depth of your disingenuousness.

Mark Tokarski

OK, now, on the matter of begging for hits, I just don't do it. As SK told me years ago, most of what I write goes right over (or by, if that is less conceited) everyone. If I want a widely-read blog, I have to change what I write about and do shorter pieces. I am merely someone who is verbose, as you noted, but also who thinks through his fingers. I cannot clearly focus on an issue unless I write about it. then it falls into a semblance of order.

So most of what appears there is a stream of consciousness, and ought to be hidden from public view. But it's fun to get it out of my head and down on paper, so to speak. Who reads it? Maybe ten people. Tops. If that's begging for hits, I need some lessons. Care to try?

Nice link you provided, a little bit juvenile though. If it's a roundhouse, it doesn't land.


For someone who claims to not take me at all seriously, you sure seem to take me seriously, Mark.

For the record, I am many things as regards you. Disingenuous is not among them.

Mark Tokarski

I am trying to be cooperative with you, calling you by your name, hearing your words.

Mark Tokarski

I'm wary, by the way. What I want is a debate, ground rules, word limits, rules about deviation from the question at hand. At my site, no censorship. You got chops, bring it. It's a good chance to put me in my place along with other conspiracy nuts. I'll invite witnesses to judge, so that itis known when a rule is violated, but I'll not be the one to judge your conduct.

Game on?

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