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June 25, 2013



I loved the zombie weapon video.. that was seriously cool but since zombie blood can infect you, you really should avoid close combat as much as possible. I like the idea of firearms/crossbows/bows over hand weapons.

As far as the article, World War Z is one of my favorite books of all time - and not just because it is about zombies. The social dynamics discussed in that book were awesome. I cannot express how disappointed I am that they didn't make the book into a movie. I have no interest in watching Brad Pitt's ego movie.

jack ruby

All good points, but you might as well see it. Its somewhere between awful and decent. Its decently awful..you just cant go in expecting any real relation to the book. Its non-sensical and ridiculous at almost all times but also entertaining as a straight action flick. Its shame it wasn't made closer to the book because the book is f-ing awesome and many different levels but probably just not something that could really translate to a 2 hr film even with sequels. Maybe an HBO series or something.


I'll likely see it someday. But I sure won't pay theater prices to do so. Love your idea of the book as an HBO series.

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