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May 21, 2013


Big Swede

Sorry, off topic. Patriots sign Tebow.

Belichick and the Pats bracing for the audits.


A link to go with your comment, Swede.

Strangely, nothing Belichick does anymore surprises me. NFLN just crowned him the best of all current NFL coaches and #7 of all time. He's really good, but he isn't that GREAT. He's just the luckiest sumbitch ever born to the coaching ranks. GREAT was head coach John Fox and OC Mike McCoy completely revamping the offense for Tebow so that a 1 and 4 team could end the season 8-8 and win a playoff game with Touchdown Jesus as quarterback.

Big Swede

Pats play Jets twice this season.

Kinda like Snowden going to China.


I'm not Mark, Swede. You're not going to provoke me in the same way, especially as regards football. You get that, right?

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