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April 26, 2013


Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

Well, part of the problem with blogs as I see it is that the righties have left the field of battle. And that's too bad. Other than Ingy/Swede, none of them even show up to defend their bizarre beliefs. And it gets boring without a worthy opponent. You see, America is probably one of the only countries in the world where politics are not openly, freely, and fiercely debated. Everywhere! And that's a shame. Hell, we pride ourselves on free speech, but at the first sign of resistance, the righties wet themselves and run!

And that's what I've always loved about Cowgirls's site. She allows free speech to reign. PURA free speech! And when free speech reigns, real discussion follows. Oh sure, a few righties used to show up, but they were immediately soundly trounced. They are NOT the formidable opponents some seem to think they are.

Hence, I think that Cowgirl's site serves a real purpose. It's there for ALL to post on, to engage, to debate, to rebut, to criticize, to make fun of, and to laugh at. But alas, no righties take up the challenge! And they are terribly conspicuous by their absence. You would THINK that getting abused such as the do on the most popular site in Montana would cause them to at LEAST attempt a defense! sigh. But they don't. And once they are shown up for what they truly are, wimps, they are not so scary or intimidating any longer.

But I hear ya. Now that the Lege is over, all the good material will be dried up for awhile until the clown show for the senate. Me, personally, I CAN'T WAIT!

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

p.s. Rob, you and me are not so different. We're pugnacious by nature. We seek OUT the bad guys just to throttle them. It's what we do. We don't like bullies. HEY, someone has to do it. These dipshits have been getting a free ride for much too long. The press is worthless, so it's left to the blogs to call them out on their shit. And that is one OTHER purpose of the blogs. The papers can't or won't do it, but they ALL read Cowgirls's site.

kram It

Run, Forrest, RUN! ~W

Dave Budge

Shit, I'd argue with you about the grades only to the extent that I've decided that things like no-score T-ball really are good. I mean, we have a society that has great self-esteem. Who needs to think that we should be judged on the merits of actually doing something valuable.

My problem is, of course, that I'm a blatherskite in need of a soapbox. My best guess is that I fuck-up the Facebook experience (which, after all, may not be a bad thing.)

But I do remember fondly the Wild West days of the Montana blogosphere. It was one hell of a party there for a while.


I'm not nearly so enamored of the Wild West days as I am the time when we all helped each other, no matter what burning hatreds we harbored. Bwahahaah.

Though likely to the side of the post, I enjoy your Facebooking, Dave. I learn some small stuff about investment, and I actually enjoy your updates about 'what you have for dinner ...' You post about good food you are willing to challenge yourself to cook. That's unlike those who post about what restaurant cooked stuff they like (a billboard for places I will likely never have the opportunity to enjoy).

I do believe that I was unfair in one of my 'grades'. MTStreetfighter does not deserve an F, but rather a D. When I wrote this post, I was kind of furious at those who have no concern for bettering the Montana web community, and actually rather seem opposed to it's existence. That is one reason I really do miss the 'Wild West' days, and sincerely miss ECW. You have to care to throw a punch. Still, no-score T-ball ...


Sorry to hear that you're even thinking of hanging up your spurs. I sincerely look forward to each and every post.

jack ruby

Write more football stuff. Lets the hear the defense of Tim Tebow as a franchise qb again. Actually picking him up as backup now would not be the worst move the doncos ever made.


~tsk tsk~ Oh, Jack. I never defended Tebow as a "franchise quarterback", and never ever would. He provided exactly what the Broncos needed, exactly when they needed it. We don't need him anymore; we have Payton Fucking Manning (and that Osweiler kid don't look so bad either.)

I really do kind of feel sorry for Tim Tebow, because, just like everyone else, I have no clue what the boy is going to do without an NFL job. Missionary to Zimbabwe maybe?

And yes, I will be posting more about football. For instance, when I get the chance, I intend to argue how joining the Ravens will probably kill Elvis Dumervil's career.


Tebow ought to give linebacker a whirl. It'd probably go as well as Eric Crouch's attempt at safety, but I'd like to see him hit some people.

I didn't start reading Montana blogs until a couple years ago, but yours along with others I typically check on a daily basis. Personally, I don't care if a blog is 'from' Montana, if it doesn't focus on Montana, I could care less. Meta level Hyperbole reigns supreme on both liberal and conservative blogs. Maybe that is S.O.P. in today's world, where arguments are soldiers. Once people know which side they're on, they must support all arguments that support that side, and attack all arguments that appear to favor the enemy's side, otherwise it's like stabbing their soldiers in the back. Too many world views are not built from the ground up, but from the tinfoil hat down.

I enjoyed what I got to read of your blog.


As I messaged to a friend today, I probably made my point poorly. The point of blogging, to me, has been to engage others. The self-absorbed never knew that, or never cared.

Back in the growth of Montana blogging, we all cared, whether we agreed on every point or not. Regardless of the snide, the vicious, the angry or the dismissive, eventually one of us (myself many times) would extend a hand and say "let's us talk". Sometimes it happened and sometimes it didn't. Sometimes, most times, it had good result. That engagement just isn't happening anymore. Now it's all about agreement, sympathy, dead wolves and 'correct thinking'. I miss the days when people would engage and support each other. When I write that "maybe blogging is dead", that is exactly what I mean is missing from the venue.

Jack Ruby

Tebow did get hosed I actually do have sympathy for him after being with the jets but he always was an awful qb which was my point way back. Still he has shown he can win games which is more than any # of qbs in the NFL who do have jobs. When the forehead gets hurt would you really feel better about Brock filling in with a tough matchup against Pitt or somebody comparable on the line? I do like Brock though long term I was kind of hoping Miami would take him last year I think he is on a par with tanehill or at least has the potential.


As a RAIDER fan (somebody has to do it) I wish Peyton Manning was still in Indianapolis, because your BRONCOS are certainly going to win the division with him taking the snaps.

The blogosphere has been dying a slow death for years - the days of Ed Kemmick, Matt Singer, David Crisp, or myself generating 300 comments from a post is long over.

Start a football blog if you have time, and if the RAIDERS manage to beat the BRONCOS, about the time hell freezes over, I'll stop by and gloat.


Jack, I don't really know where Osweiler is in his development. Next to nobody outside the Bronco organization does. That's why I'm so looking forward to the pre-season games.

Eric, it is a testament to what Dennis Allen has already been able to accomplish in Oakland that he still has his job. Yes, according to 2012 results, the Broncos have the easiest schedule in the NFL, but the games I fear the most are always the Hatriots in Foxborough and the rest of the AFC West. All four teams had a good draft. Your Raiders might be a bit better than you think.

Montana Cowgirl

Rob - Thanks so much for the kind words and here and there the advice and feedback! Your hilariously informative Koopman and legislative posts were a big part of what got me into blogging.

I think part of the problem with fostering new bloggers in the world of Twitter is that blogging takes a lot of time - twitter, not so much. Still, I have hope.

Montana Cowgirl

I should have added that about 80% of the content on Cowgirl starts with reader tips -thanks are due to all the tipsters from across the state who email in tidbits about their local politicians and con artists.

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