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August 25, 2012



Now Norma is claiming the ability to determine someone's racial background by looks. It must be amazing to be that talented. I will happily celebrate her loss in November. She is truly a RAPC. It should be interesting to see how she reacts to me in public this Wend when I attend the ice cream social for Bullock in Dillon.

Dave Budge

RAPC? Excuse my ignorance. I'm old and perpetually unhip?

Dave Budge

Never mind. Figured it out. ... old and slow in the uptake.

ps - your captcha is really tough on my dyslexic brain. But I'll muddle through.


Dave, I shouldn't be set to have a captcha, that I was aware of. I think it might be a Wordpress - Typepad translation doohickie at work. Still, I'll check and see if I can turn it off. Spam or not, I tend to hate captchas with the fiery fury of a thousand suns.

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