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July 03, 2012



Excellent post. The 'left' is full of diverse people, with a wide array of ideals on the partisan continuum, but 'they' too often can come off as unreasonable.(The ACLU is very effective but seems too narrow minded.) If one really wants to deal with reality the most effectively and efficiently, then we gotta remember the power of pragmatism. What action of our choosing gives us the greatest probability for our desired outcome? Evidence trumps ideals.

The right is so far from sanity that it sure seems like all the 'left' would have to do is "shift" a little. Surely they have in some ways, but maybe a little more in the realm of that which will gain them the most influence with the masses. It is also the most pragmatic. Then they can hold the highlight, and those who've lived their entire existence during a period where more ideas and brute facts about the world have been evident than ever before will reject the current conservative platform en masse.

After all, the left has a significant advantage, in happening to have reality on their side.

Big Swede

Labor in MT "unemployed"?

Gov. BS increased the state labor force. Have you seen the huge new federal building in Billings? How 'bout the BLM building next to I-90?

Coal development/Otter Creek. Bakken. The possibility of Keystone.

The "old" democratic party would embrace these projects, instead your "big tent" is holding fight clubs.


You're confusing the left with the Democratic party again, Swede. But thank you for actually highlighting one of the points of this post.


Swede, you are absolutely incorrect about the good gov increasing the state labor force. In fact, in 2011, no industry LOST more jobs than the public sector. That was one of the two key reasons Montana's economy shrank in 2011.

The numbers aren't in yet for 2012, but I would venture to say that public employment shrank in 2012 easily as much as 2011. As one manager I spoke to put it, they aren't actually firing people, they are "reducing manpower by attrition" meaning that when someone leaves, they don't get replaced.

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