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January 16, 2012


Linux Rants

Off topic, but what do you think of SOPA/PIPA. I always respect your opinion.


Uhmm, it sucks (they suck). I'd love to be more eloquent in response, but it's really not necessary. I am a blogger who uses a hosted service, Typepad. Making the parent company (6 Apart) responsible for violations is a direct threat against me regardless of any action on my part. My ability to continue using the service I have a paid a great deal of money to have would be at the mercy of the least ethical of Typepad users. So, for very personal reasons, I'm certain you can understand the simplicity of my response.


Since he again falls back to his quivering and terrified Monty thing, my response to actually having a comment appear on Mark's website:

Mark, you are the one who suggested "random". I pointed out that chaotic is not random, nor private to those without your special knowledge. Random is simply chaotic, unmapped. The distinction you make is meaningless, like most of your intellectual drivel. You don't understand math. You haven't a clue about words. You are lost as regards philosophy, and terrified of intelligent disagreement. Yet you continually claim victory against my brother and myself, when we've both kicked your ass, our part with much mirth. Buhby, cupcake.

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