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January 02, 2012


Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

I think Buttinski's new year's resolution is to get even crazier! I'm beginning to wonder if the dude has syhpilis! For reals! That AIN'T a normal brain talking.

Big Swede

Nice of you to join up with me and all the right wingers Rob.


This is his brilliant response, before he apparently realized he might be looking too obsessed and deleted it:

"Much too funny – a post attacking me, and supportive comments from a Democratic idiot and a right wing rube. Trifecta! These three belong to be another – butt buddies?"

Big Swede

Any thoughts on the Denver game Rob?

Throws for 316 (3:16) yards.


Any thoughts? How 'bout many.

Tebow, 3.16: Having lead the great ponies to the land of Playhofs, Timothy did bend knee in thanks. With the might of his leftward sling, and help from his CHAMPion and from Thomas, did Tebow drive the Stealers from the mount. Still, he was vexed. He must travel far to vanquish the true believers, and their dark overlord. And he said unto the people, "For the Lord so loved the world that if you don't bring your A game, I'm gonna kick your ass". And the Borough rumbled with angry resentment. Amen.

I think the 316 is a marvelous numeric coincidence.

I think Tebow *is* a big time quarterback. I finally think that John Elway is on board with that idea.

I think McCoy should never again call a pass play under ten yards from scrimmage. Tebow can run better than that 'dink and dunk' crap. Stretch the boy out and let him play. Stretch the field out and let him play.

I think that this Wildcard game was viewed by more folks than any other since 1988.

I think the word "Tebow" blew twitter up completely for about 6 hours.

I think the problem against New England won't be Tebow, but rather the defense. Brady has too many weapons, and Bailey can't cover them all. Now if Dawkins were back ...

I think I've seen Bronco fans happier today than I've seen them in a great long while.

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