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December 19, 2011


Big Swede

Did ya see the first comment?

"This is a blatant fabrication of evidence by a government so careless and embarrassed they'd do ANYTHING to get Assange and so would Manning to alleviate the brunt of his betrayal. If our military and intelligence can fire a missile from the toaster in the Pentagon cafeteria and slam it into a Taliban tribal elder bending over to fasten his sandal strap 8,345.7290 miles away (but not such a good job on 9/11 - Twice) they can easily concoct bogus computer-generated documents. Assange is the messenger, not the traitor. And shame on those tin-star generals for being such bozos."

There's another nut like Mark T. out there.


Yeah, I saw the comment. I've read many like it on the Twitter. I've also read Mark's poor reaction to this post.

A couple of things. Assange is not a traitor, nor is he being accused of it. He's not an American citizen. Manning is, and was a member of the US military. Assange has been defending himself against charges of International espionage by claiming that he had no contact with Manning. He lied.

Further, he's not a "messenger". Assange is just like most every wannabe Internet big-wig out there. Most are all driven by ego, whether they created Facebook, Farmville or Wikileaks; and they would all sell their mothers for Info-tube fame. Assange cultured Manning for his own benefit, not any altruistic service to knowledge or transparency. He is nothing more than a lucky opportunist. (Stick that bit of 'nuance' in your pipe and smoke it, Mark.)

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