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November 04, 2011


Big Swede

Esquire? Bringing out the big guns. How is their circulation here in MT?

Pink to win.


Craig Moore

Jon the farmer? Why is he sooooo out of step with the Montana Farm Bureau who, in April of this year, wrote to Senator Tester in a letter that concluded, "If you aren't going to stand up for our state's largest industry, then you should stand down." Meanwhile the MFB has much praise for Senator Baucus.


Craig, that's almost silly. Because an organization has an issue with Senator Tester (one you felt necessary not to define) he somehow is not a farmer?

Craig Moore

Wulfgar, what's silly is to conflate "farmer Jon" with the rest of Montana's farmers as if he represents their interests. The Montana Farm Bureau says he is quite out of step with their interests with his Senate votes.


Craig, your overstatement is showing, and you keep trying to hide it by not providing a link to this supposed 'refutation of Jon as a farmer'. I'm not going to provide it for you, but I can certainly sum up.

The MFB is a trade organization/lobbying block. They can claim to represent Montana farmers but they do so only voluntarily and tangentially. They are not a trade union, and they are not the only voice which speaks for the occupations they represent. They do not set policy and they can only speciously claim what is good policy and what is bad policy for farmers and the American people. They do not vote as a block or party, and they don't get to pick who represents the interests of Montana.

Jon Tester did what was Constitutionally sound. He voted against direct congressional control over the actions of an executive agency attempting to regulate concerns under its direct purview, according to laws as passed by Congress. The President of the MFB had a tantrum and wrote a sternly worded letter to Jon attacking his profession as a farmer. Now commenters at Intelligent Discontent have taken to attacking Pogie's ability to do his job because they disagree with him. I'm confident you don't agree with the latter. Why on Earth are you promoting the former, which is the same?

Simply put, Craig, you are advocating for special interest groups to control our governance. I don't much cotton to that, and I'm sure you can imagine why.

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