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November 08, 2011


Dave Budge

Rob, there is really only one solution here; ignore him. He is the living embodiment of the etymological underpinnings of the word "sophomoric."

Not ever worthy of a response.

ps- but anytime you have an excuse to school the world on classic precepts of logic and rhetoric does, I suppose, enjoy its own rewards


First, the link you used didnt link to the referenced article when I clicked on it. Second, there are much more apt arguments to dispute him with, the law of excluded middle only applies to truth of claim arguments, and can not not apply in any way to your original argument, and the false dilemma claim can be applied only if your argument is misconstrued. Finally, organizing is a method of enacting change, since if all of us, including the enforcers of law, decide not to follow the laws, then the situation will indeed have changed.


First, asshole, the links I posted did indeed point to the correct post of MarkT. You just seem dim in following them. Second, if you have a better argument then state it. I notice you don't. You simply restate what I've posted as if you didn't have a clue about what I actually have written before. Finally (and third if your actually keeping track) choosing not to follow the law is exactly violence. We are a nation of laws. Choosing to disregard those will change the situation. The situation will have changed because 'the people' will no longer be beholden to what they have heretofore seen as the rights of their governance. If you wish to be a clueless dick here, then kindly show where I've said otherwise, or stand against such resistance. I know you won't because I know you can't.

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