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October 06, 2011



With the exception of Montanafesto. They did a post a couple of days ago. I haven't posted anything but I have been up to my ass in alligators trying to get ready for winter.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

The rightie sites are simply boring as hell. I do read Montafesto though because she can write very well. Hell, I don't agree most of the time, but I do enjoy good writing and well-reasoned argument. But most of the righties are scared to death of the free for all nature of lefty blogs like Cgirl's site. They all suffer from the Flush Blimpo syndrome, which states that if you can't control all the content all of the time, don't do it! They're simply cowards. And they can sure dish it out but they're NOT very good at taking it.


I can honestly say that I didn't notice, but then I'd also have to admit that I don't really read much from the Montana Right. I occasionally peak in on ECW, but since Gregg got all emo, it's just been mostly the Fesser self promoting. Not worth the read.

Oh, and since I'm confessing, I don' really read much from the Montana Left either. Just you.

Big Swede

When you're being paid by the hit piece you tend to stay in the game longer.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

Too funny, Weed. BTW, just WHO'S getting paid? Names please.


I'm totally with Larry. Who's getting the Soros' bucks and how do I tap in?

Big Swede

Gotta be on the attack 100% of the time Rob.

No NFL picks, bitches 'bout the neighbors, and puppy stories.

Big Swede

I'm not privy to the bank account but I'm guessing that MT Cowgirl's on the dole.

Think 'bout it. All political attacks 24/7. You'd think there be something else.

I don't care, I hardy ever visit. But I wonder, wouldn't the peanut gallery have a smidgen of curiosity if there was? Or the author's true identity?

Or are they all just "useful idiots"?


All the blogs are quiet.

Today is Oct 8th, and looking over at LITW there have been 12 comments posted since September 6th, and 3 of them were me -

Not much like it used to be.

I don't waste my time reading the Cowgirls astroturf blog.

There were four 'Cowgirls' using the States email system, probably Dem staffers, but I'm sure they're covering their tracks better nowadays.

Getting to the point of your post, the right (me) isn't silent.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

Oh come ON, Eric. You KNOW that you read Cowgirl's site, just like all the OTHER righties out there. It's kinda like porno though. You guys will NEVER admit to reading the best blog in the state! Hey, that's OK. Just as long as you're reading it. It's healthy. It's OK. It's normal. You WON'T grow hair on your palm by reading it.


I really don't bother Larry. Really.

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