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October 31, 2011



Good list of peeves. I don't think those movies are vampire/horror movies, they are teen age romance novels.

So, any modern horror you do like? I mean, I like the shark, and the girl barfing pea soup, and Gregory Peck's horror stint, but that was forty years ago. Even one of my faves, "Jacob's Ladder" was filmed decades ago. I think stylish horror was bequeathed to my generation by Hitchcock, and so serious filmmakers took it up, but that was so last century.

I'm not into the zombies, or slashers, prefer "supernatural" horror, and in the last ten years, "The Grudge" gets my vote. Aauuugggggghhhhhhhhh


The Grudge is an all-time fave of mine as well.

I realize it's not a taste for everyone, but I actually like the first-person camera/reality style films. The Blair Witch Project was brilliant. Quarantine had some extremely tense moments to it. Paranormal Activity, though somewhat predictable, was still relentless.

There are a lot of very good independent horror films out there, but our access to them remains limited.

jack ruby

I saw Rob Zombie's remake for the first time last week. As far as sequels to the big franchises go it was half way decent. I thought the backstory to michael myers growing up was pretty cool but when he escaped and the movie switched to just remaking the original I turned it off. Too boring.

My pet peeve is that the Dawn of the Dead remake always seems to be on late night if I surf cable for brainless fare before bed but NEVER the original. The original is so much better but gets no love.


"Now there are rumors that Alfred Hitchcock movies will be remade."
Too late! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0155975/ by Gus Van Sant, no less. I haven't seen it, but why bother?

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