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September 01, 2011



He wasn't talking about you though...your name is RoB, not RoD. Must be more Kailey's out there than just us - hell, I know of one here in our town and we aren't related :) so, post away on his site since you are hereby cleared :)

I love you man!!

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

Mark Buttinksi???? Just wondering.


Why do you bother... It is the attention that his "mortal enemies" give him that encourages what you describe.

Dave Budge

Like I said, pathetic.


CFS, you can trust me that this post was no bother at all. This is one of the few that deserves the tag "I am the laughing man".

And you are very wrong. Neither Dave, problembear, Duganz, Matt Singer, Jay Stevens, myself or any other who have banned him or deleted his comments bear any responsibility whatsoever for his behavior. We are not his goddamned parents.

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