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July 18, 2011


Craig Moore

In addition to fund raising in San Fran, Tester has also recently been in NYC at the Trial Lawyers convention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en_-vPcXwus

Here is Tester's top ten fund sources: http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/industries.php?cycle=2012&cid=N00027605&type=I

Lawyers/Law Firms $280,805 Lobbyists $214,000 Securities & Investment $130,635 Retired $125,305 Insurance $103,959 Casinos/Gambling $85,700 Commercial Banks $82,300 Leadership PACs $73,250 Real Estate $68,250 Misc Finance $64,400

Hanging out in NYC learning at Schumer's knee reminds me of the salsa commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSxnieYctVM

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

Um, why do you hate lawyers more than say defense contractors? Halliburton? Blackwater? Xe? And the entire defense industry? I don't get you man. You make no sense.


I'm certain that that might bother the emoprogs, but do you actually think it bothers me? It apparently isn't bothering Montana workers much at all.

Just so's you know, Craig. When Tester wins reelection, I'm going to laugh at William Crain first, The Drama Queen and Matthew Kohler second. You're actually down there on the list. I hope you don't mind. Don't mean to be insulting.

Craig Moore

Rob, in all your cheer leading bluster I'm sure the Dems that lost their jobs in the last election when they held 2-1 and 3-1 war chest advantages share your swagger and prediction.

Larry, I don't hate lawyers. When politicians talk all folksy like but hang out in 'Get a rope!' NYC, something is amiss. Even the Farm Bureau thinks Tester has gone concrete cowboy: http://www.treasurestatepolitics.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Tester1_150x150_p11.jpg


We'll see, Craig. (Good God, you are a parasite.)

Craig Moore

Rob, is that the best "Don't mean to be insulting" comeback you got?


Not even remotely, save truth is what it is. I don't mean to be insulting. But is it an insult to call a leech a leech? You got nothing but guilt by association, and you're sucking it down for all it's worth. That's a leech.

Craig Moore

Rob, since when did you become so lazy, as demonstrate across the blogs, to rely on name calling and such to substitute for substance and conviction? Is that what you learned at Net Roots boot camp?

Doesn't really matter though. What will happen in 2012 has yet to be written. Time will tell. We'll see who has their integrity intact after the smoke clears.

Bobby R.

The dems didn't hold 3-1 war chests. They were outspent in legislative races by $4 million by 3rd party groups run by Iverson, Denowh, and Western Traditions Partnership.


Craig, I'm tired of the Interwebotubes. Very tired. If you've learned nothing from it, then learn this: The smoke never clears. You gave me a ton of shit about 2010, and you haven't any more idea what will happen next year than I do. Maybe it is lazy to point to the obvious, but you got nothing better, do you? 2010 isn't 2012, but you think I should accept what you claim as important, else I'm being insulting. Why?

You think this post was about cheerleading? In the same breath you stupidly talk smack about what I "demonstrate" elsewhere? That's leeching for hits. If you're doing it for me, then I apologize and thank you. If not, then what the hell are you doing it for? I'm not a well liked person around these parts anymore, because I stick to facts. If you've accepted that I don't give a salient shit about the emoprogs, then why do you think you get a pass for a weak attempt to slam Jon Tester by being in the same vicinity as Chuck Schumer? Really, Craig?

If you want to talk all kinds of smack about where Jon Tester gets his money, then I suggest that you post comment at 4 & 20 Egobirds. You will find a greatly receptive audience there. They don't want him to win any more than you do. I sincerely don't care. The man is running for reelection, and he will get money where it's given. I want him reelected, and you don't. That isn't that difficult to understand. Attempting to sway me with the arguments from the emoprogs is indeed leeching. It ain't gonna happen.

I like you, Craig; I always have. Just don't try and sway me with the opinion of the emoprogs in the very post in which I take them to task. That's kinda foolish, don't you think?

Craig Moore

Rob, I don't know what emoprogs are. You got me there.

As to Tester and Schumner, they have a documented relationship since Tester ran in 2006. He paid homage to Schumer's wall street banks when he came up with his debit card fee tactic. The money rolled in from the banks when he introduced his amendment.

IF Tester is re-elected I won't be all that unhappy as he tosses a few crumbs in my ideological direction from time to time.

As to my other observation, you seem to be picking fights (such as George, Mark, Lizard, JC, Matt, jhwygirl and me) rather than utilizing all your impressive mental horsepower and crafty intellect. I know you can do better than refer to a sister blog as 4&20 Egobirds or call out people by name for future ridicule. I picked this current opportunity with you to put the issue on the table.

As the saying goes, get mad, get over it, then make up and push on.

Big Swede

Panic money, or "we could lose this one money".

And besides haven't you guys always stated Denny's worth billions?


Just a word that "The Professional Left" is our podcast and as such should not be confused with emoprogs. We're not Obots or Emo Progs but we're not centrists either. We're Democrats. And we want a Democrat in the White House. Anyway, i-Tunes or http://professionalleft.blogspot.com.We're getting lots of enthusiastic listeners.

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