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July 19, 2011



Come on, Craig. Take a look at the latest post from 4 & 20 Egobirds and tell me that I'm the one picking a fight.


And for the record, JC just deleted a comment challenging him on his demand to make us all pay for his healthcare. So, Craig, exactly what do you think I'm supposed to do to "make up"? He's an Egobird, and I've no intention of "making up" with this bunch of assholes. I await your response ...

Craig Moore

Rob, it's hard to know who is retaliating in the overall progression of attacks and retorts.

My suggestion would be to stand and take it for once knowing you have stirred the pot. To end it someone has to be the bigger man. Perhaps try humor and a soft touch rather than a rhetorical shillelagh. HOWEVER, I not suggesting that anyone stop throwing a few elbows that keep things interesting. But there needs to be an after the fight digital drink together.

As to Schumer and Tester, I seem to recall that Tester's votes counter to Schumer's were those that didn't matter to the outcome but were important back home in Montana. Sleeves off the vest. I remember The New Yorker piece: http://www.newyorker.com/talk/2007/03/19/070319ta_talk_goldberg

As chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Schumer recruited such ostentatiously centrist candidates as Claire McCaskill, Jim Webb, Jon Tester, and Bob Casey, and he raised enormous amounts of cash to fund their campaigns.

That was a political debt to Schumer that I see in Tester's debit card fee amendment.

As to emoprogs, thanks for the explanation. I don't do Twitter or Facebook. Getting old I guess.

Craig Moore

Rob, as to deleting comments and being banned, Don P at ID has done the same to me. Goes with being a mere commenter at someone else's digs.


I can't be entirely unbiased - Rob is my brother I will utterly defend him till the cows come home - but he has done a fairly decent synopsis of what I have seen of the ongoing issues. I haven't seen the twitter exchanges (I have so far resisted twitter) or the email exchanges, but I have seen the posts all over the Montana webs.

Mark is a troll. There is no other way to say it. He posts to grandize himself and attempt to make others look small and weak. Sadly, he doesn't have the brains for it and it comes off false and grasping. He has taken over most of the left sites in Montana with his trolling at one point or another and he is currently attempting to take over Cowgirl's site. He has tranferred his hatred of Rob to me and now follows me around the way he follows Rob.

As far as the rest, you can see the hatred these other bloggers are displaying just by watching how they respond to me. I have had very few exchanges with these people like Rob has, but when I do comment, I am instantly attacked and my comment disregarded. I am almost to the point of not reading 4 & 20 anymore because it has become silly. As a moderate, it seems that these people are bound and determined to alienate everyone that doesn't agree with them 100%.

Since I have been blogging again, it is probably in my best interest to avoid sites like 4 & 20 for the same reason I avoid 2 Helena Handbaskets - they are both extremist sites have little to offer me or my (few) readers. I do not enjoy internet turf wars as they upset me on a personal level - I lack the ability to just turn off the machine and laugh at the stupidity of others when I feel personally attacked - and as much as Rob has tried to teach me better skills in that respect, I am still pretty fail at it. In cases like this, I just tend to avoid the idiots all together. They will never influence people in their current incarnation and they offer very little.

To Rob - Thanks for still being here, Bro. The Montana Blog-o-tubesthingies would not be the same without you and I will always have your back.

Craig Moore

Moorcat, everyone needs a brother like you.


Craig, I don't care if JC deletes my comments or even changes them as he has done in the past. I really truly don't, and even leave comments expecting such so that he proves my low expectations of his deeply held "principles".

I've tried to express it before and have little idea how better to express it now. The emoprogs are not helping to get us further towards what the majority of folk want. They are standing stalwart with the Tea Partyistas against what most of us desire. It doesn't matter where I stand. It truly doesn't. These folk are only concerned with what they want. I can stand with them, which means standing against what I value, or I can do the same as I have done with the far right, and laugh at them. The latter is what I have chosen to do.

I have little interest in being the "bigger man". It gains me nothing and actually introduces a more annoying element to my life. I have been the "bigger man" in the Montana left-o-sphere, and the Montana left-o-sphere has repaid me with arrogance and stupidity. And here I have one of the more rightward folk telling me it's my job to hold the left together? No, Craig. The 4 & 20 Egobirds have chosen their bed, and they will deal with it. I don't actually care.

Craig Moore

Rob, I have made no such suggestion that it's your job to hold the left together. My suggestion is about your shrinking blog-world and your influence to effect change and matter. You are being played quite effectively as the skid row drunk who swats at flies and screams at demons. Change your approach or accept the consequences. Nobody cares to follow the twists and turns of who did what to whom with what. Rise above it or being consumed by your rage.

Just my opinion. I'm out of here.

You are being played quite effectively as the skid row drunk who swats at flies and screams at demons.

Craig, this is what I understand about the online, and you do not. I'm actually fine with that because there isn't actually any alternative.

Big Swede

Cat fights between liberal/progressives is symptomatic of what's coming.



craig, you've put me against the ropes a few times, and if my memory serves, i've admitted being wrong at least once, and also to being a hypocrite, which is an offense i've committed much more than once.

do you ever make these types of transgressions?

if yes, then that's where a conversation may be able to start.

i don't see that happening anytime soon.


Well, it seems I have been rendered voiceless at the emoprog site - not that it is all that much of a surprise. They did allow Mark's comment bashing you and I, though. Oh well, not much of a loss. That site has gone down the tubes since Jay left. You seem to be the only one left of the "old bloggers" still blogging. The Montana 'tubes' have been taken over by the fanatical youth with a few exceptions (Don's site).


Moorcat, that new bloggers replace old bloggers is the way of things. In my experience that's ever only been an issue to those with weak hope of becoming 'professional'. If you want to know what really upset the apple cart in Montana, it wasn't old bloggers leaving. It was the real big fish in this pond, The Montana Cowgirl Weblog. That's where most of the activity is any more, unless your focus is only on Missoula. If you ask me who the best blogger in Montana is, I would say jhwygirl. If you ask me what the most influential blog is in Montana, that's kind of a no-brainer.

For the record, Mark just wants to poison the well. If some desire to drink his particular brand of Koolaid, it really doesn't matter. It says more about them seeking succor, support and acceptance than it does about anything in the reality the rest of live. He's no better, or different, than Big Swede, save sometimes more articulate.


I just saw that Craig Sprout is moving and MTpolitics is going away for good. That was depressing. I have (and will) miss Craig. While I did not know him the way you did, I really enjoyed doing the podcasts he invited me to and his more moderate right views were a hell of a lot closer to mine than the current batch of right leaning bloggers.

Pick me up

Mark, go attention whore elsewhere.

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