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June 24, 2011


Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

Yep. Abolutely right on. Both you and Steve M. I've been saying this for a long time now and have been branded a pariah. There IS no loyal opposition from the Pubbie side. It's destroy that country and bipartisanship be damned. If lefties can't figure this out by now, they DESERVE to take it up the pooper! They'd better learn to like it.


i wish you generated more interesting content at LitW, because i think you've got it in you, but you seem to prefer brawls over conversations.

as a new blogger i endured your hazing, and i did learn a lot, and for that i thank you.

but your new obsession with going after this "principled left" contingent you've conjured up is not serving you well.

maybe you think this will make you relevant with the DNC, so you're being a good little foot soldier.

good luck with that.

Obama is going to need all the help he can get to convince the base he's still better than Bush.


I agree with you that the Rs will stop at nothing in their quest to prove that BO is the worst POTUS of all time. In this case they are trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy by cockblocking any and all proposals from the other side of the isle with the aim of stopping BO from having any major legislative victories. If Rs can make the claim that all BO accomplished was HCR they have the chance of establishing the narrative in this coming election cycle.

Even HCR was a pyrrhic victory because the Rs extracted so much blood and BO spent so much political capital on it that he has made little progress in other realms. And people will remember the process by which HCR was passed more than they will the actual legislation in the next election.

As for the fight over debt, I imagine the Rs are playing a game of chicken with default. Were the deadline to raise the ceiling to pass without a compromise the Rs would still come out of it better than the Ds. Troubles in the economy are laid squarely at the feet of the president, and so the economic havoc reaped from a technical default on gov't debt would hurt BO more than it would the Rs because of how ineffectual it makes BO appear.

Steve T.

Simple point on your first point:

Glenn Greenwald didn't ask people whose side they were on. Hillary Clinton did, and he quoted her.

But I know you wouldn't get in a tizzy about that - she's in power, and she's got a D behind her name. So it's probably not best to question anything that she does - it's bad for the party.

Steve T.

Am I alone in thinking that error is egregious enough to merit a correction? That was actually the first piece I've read from Greenwald in a while that didn't make me want to light myself on fire. And you didn't even read it.


I read it, but my view was way too colored by the many many times I've seen Greenwald himself tell us what 'the real' progressives are. I took it more ironically than I should have.

As for 'a correction', you've already done so here. I'm not a newspaper editor, and that's the whole point of having blog comments. You're certainly not alone in thinking any error I make is egregious, but you are alone in stating it even remotely politely. And it wasn't a point. It's what I found as a humorous segue into the post.

Regarding your assumption, and big one it is, that I am somehow defending Clinton because she has a D behind her name, that's silly on it's face. You've been reading here a long time, so certainly you remember the very reasons I said I wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton as POTUS, among them being her will to the DLC and support of exclusionary thinking. I like her as SOS because I believe she's done more for women in the international community than pretty much any before her. Whether you believe me or not, I pay very little attention to the SOS statements regarding international conflict and allied support of America. That's been bullshit for way too long.

Steve T.

Yeah, I wasn't polite. Some people piss you off more than others - and in that way you're not exactly different from the rest of us.

Points taken.


Steve, you were actually polite. WTF? You and I gotta an altogether differnt idear of what's rude. See, like many of y'all miss completely, disagreement isn't rude. It's discourse. Please tell me that you of all people weren't suckered in by that illusion?

As far as I remember, you have yet to piss me off. Is that your intent? If so, I'll try harder.

Steve T.

I was referring to Greenwald having a greater ability to piss you off than Clinton. That probably has nothing to do with your ability to defend people in power with a D behind their name, as I originally implied - rather churlishly, I might add. We all have bloggers that we read who get under our skin easier than others.

I'm pretty sure we've pissed each other off here and there. But we get over it pretty quick. :-)

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