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June 14, 2011



I grew up near North Dakota, in fact; I could see it from my porch. North Dakota isn't very exciting, but I'd drive through it before I would Nebraska or Kansas, without a doubt. I like your comparison to Billings... a city I call the capital of mediocrity. Although coverage is spotty in many areas, I have always had coverage in cities. Not sure what to tell you there, but I'd suspect the cause is the TracPhone service. I haven't been to Jamestown in a while, but the last time I stayed there, it was in a theme-room hotel. It was pretty hilarious actually. Good luck at NN!


Liquor store to buy beer? Bunch of commies!
Have fun and godspeed!


Oh by the way, you inspired me to fire up ye old Fuguestate again...don't know how political I'll get but that sense of fun is coming back...and I'm getting to where FB scares me a little bit. Have fun over there.

mr benson

There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.

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