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March 07, 2011


Craig Moore


The Volt has nothing to do with the success or failure of our nation. Simply bad policy forced upon an American corporation.

As to punching hippies, a favorite phrase of yours, I believe they will heal faster than our troubled nation.

As to your avoidance of ECW, coward! I for one miss your input. Get in the game and stop whining.

Mike Stone

Wow, Craig Moore actually called Wulfgar a coward. If anybody ever needed more proof that Craig is a complete and utter imbecile, that should cover it.

Craig Moore

Mike, it was sarcasm. You must stand 3 feet tall for that to go over your head. I hope Robert returns to mix it up.

Mike Stone

Sorry Craig, I'm so used to reading you blathering on about things you have no idea about that I jumped to the wrong conclusion. My apologies.


Interesting assumptions Craig.

1) I wasn't saying anything about the Volt at all.
2) I find the celebration of American companies failing to be pretty reVolting.
3) You assume that the Volt's poor sales means it's the result of "bad policy" without ever offering a reason why.

As for "punching hippies", have you ever stopped to consider that the act of doing it might have one helluva lot to do with why are country is "ailing"? If people had turned off FAUX news and quit listening to that fat drug addict on the radio, and instead listened to us dirty hippies, we might not be paying for two failed occupations in foreign lands. I won't argue with you about the failed right wing economic policies which have handed the nation's wealth to our corporate oligarchs. It's unlikely that you'd listen to me given that most conservatives just insult and demean hippy economists like Paul Krugman and Duncan Black. Too bad for the nation that they were right.

And no. I still like Gregg as a person, but I have no interest in engaging at a website where the person who shows the most reason is Rob Natelson. And he's been pretty much wrong about everything since day one. In truth, it isn't the site authors that make the place unreadable (except when Budge posts pure wingnut crap like I highlighted here.) It's mostly the commenters. When Charley started on his defense of birtherism? I was pretty much done at that point.

Mike Stone

I don't have nearly the respect for Gregg that you do Wulfgar, but I think it's worth noting that ECW is really Gregg's in name only these days. Gregg may still pay the bills and have the password for the Administrator account, but the vast majority of the material posted there comes from Budge. He was even in charge of the redesign. It's more Budge's site than Greggs IMHO.

Craig Moore

Rob, Vaya con Dios.

Mike, don't recall you having ever posted a substantive comment anywhere. If you have the stones, bring it.

Mike Stone

How is how much I post and where relevant at all? Whether I post or not has no impact on my ability to read your blather.

Craig Moore

Mike, I say again, if you have the stones bring it.

Mike Stone

I suppose that means that if I don't bring it, I don't have the stones? Sounds like something you'd come up with.

Here's a better idea. I'll ignore you, and you can fuck off. How's that work for you?

That's a rhetorical question btw. I don't care how it works for you.

Craig Moore

Mike, you seem rather conflicted and somewhat obsessed given the "stalking" nature of your comments about me here. You obviously read what I write elsewhere, but don't have the stones to respond. Not healthy to mask your issues behind limp insults.


the best way to respond to Craig is to use lots of links to obscure data sources and to use few words. Maybe a Wikipedia link to stones or something.

I will give Craig this - at least he does get out of ECW every once in a while. I rarely see Budge venture out of his echo chamber. Gregg less than Budge. Natelson never leaves the comfort of home.

I do go to ECW with interest to see if there are any takes on our own state legislature, to get an idea of how our State's biggest righty blog feels about what's been going on over there. I am usually disappointed. Those conversations are scant (count one: Natelson's post on nullification.)
I can't figure out if their silence is disapproval, acceptance or if other louder national mouthpieces drive their primary thoughts.

Dave Budge

Well, I agree that Wulfgar is both a pussy and an idiot.

There is no "celebrating the failure of the nation" in that post. Not one fucking bit of that sentiment. Of course he's too full of vitriol to understand that the Volt's failure does not forecast GM's failure any more than GM's failure forecasts America's failure.


Yeah, my opinion of you is pretty high too, Dave.

Considering that you're an opportunistic liar, how 'bout you just do it at your own damned website.


On the rare occations I do get a chance to read the blogs anymore, I still occationally stop over at ECW (the other right blogs have become unreadable in my opinion). I do find it sad that Gregg rarely posts anymore. I enjoyed his writing even when I disagreed with his points. What I am waiting to see, though, is how ECW will treat the insanity coming out of the Montana Legislature - primarily coming from the wingnut sector of the Republican Party. Given the mass dissatisfaction across the country being expressed by the average voter (in relation to the "tea party patriots" and their failure to make any kind of rational sense at all), I kind of expect the mainstream Republicans to start distancing themselves from the Tea Party. Given the moves in Wisc and other states, the failure of the Republicans in Congress, and the wingnuttery coming out of the Montana Legislature, I have large doubts about the supposed "Republican takeover" the Tea Party is predicting for 2012.

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