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February 24, 2011


Dave Budge



Dave, that's the very problem. You see fear around every corner. All we see is bullshit.

Dave Budge

You see what you want to see.


That's not a defense. It's just more bullshit.

Dave Budge

No, that wasn't a defense and, since you're paying attention, it wasn't meant to be one. What's bullshit is your unrelenting anger at everyone you don't agree with. You're rather pathetic that way.


Again, more bullshit. You smack talk at my "unrelenting anger" and avoid any substance at all. It was Ad Hominem defense, and you're really poor at it, Dave. Give it up. You got no skills.

Mike Stone

Ahh, Dave Budge. The man puts out so much hot air he may actually BE the cause of Global Warming.


Ad Hominem defense?

How is that possible?

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