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February 03, 2011


Craig Moore

Wulfgar, I think your quote must be from somewhere else. All I have seen Steve say is: "From a purely aesthetic point of view, I would rather shove knitting needles into my ears than listen to Pelosi or Wasserman Schulz. And don't let anyone tell you that Palin or Bachmann are not up to the task intellectually, especially after the Democrats selected Joe Biden, and Obama has done nothing to live up to his supposed brilliance."


And what I saw Steve say was:

If you had to listen to someone, would you rather they looked like this:

You don't have to listen to them, Craig. Steve is stupid enough to do so because he finds them fuckable. You are apparently telling me that we should listen to these people because Steve thinks they're fuckable and affords them ... what exactly?

Bachmann's version of the facts.

Megyn Kelly's lies.

They are liars, complete and right down to their cores. But Steve, an otherwise intelligent human, wants to believe them because he wants to fuck them. That speaks so highly of conservative intellect.

Craig Moore

Wulfgar, you've gone off the deep end here. I find Steve having meant what he said. The rest is just your over active imagination.


Project much?

Oh, that's right, when you claim that I said something I didn't, that is your projection. I hope you can live with yourself.

Matt (notS)

Steve, you do project much. I took your post as, "they are hotter, so I will listen to them."

It's cool bro, it's all about biology for you. If you say otherwise, you're only fooling yourself after making your post. But, your back-peddling just makes this more entertaining.


Welcome aboard, Matt.

Craig, Steve titled his post "Maybe this is the problem" and never presents a problem at all, save that he wants to listen to "someone who looks like this" as opposed to someone who looks otherwise. In other words, his ears respond to his eyeballs, apparently. He might as well have spewed that line from Ghostbusters:

"Listen! Do you smell something?"

Yes Craig, Steve did mean exactly what he said, that attractive women are worth listening to. One doesn't need a degree in Feminist studies to acknowledge that as sexist, and one doesn't need a strong background in logic to recognize how stupid it is to base ideas on your libido.

Wulfgar, you've gone off the deep end here.

Craig, my friend, that is exactly why I write posts in this manner. We live in a culture where vulgar and impolite response is seen as more "over the top" than blatant stupidity and the harm it causes. I find *that* to be the most outrageous thing of all. (link courtesy of D. Gregory Smith.)


You forgot the best reason that I like Palin: She drives the Left insane.

Sitting on the porch, watching the lunacy is worth every moment.


Steve, you're confusing laughter for insanity again.

Craig Moore

Wulfgar, what I got from Steve's post was something I consider universal -- body language. When someone smiles, appears non-threatening, and receptive, when that person speaks I tend to listen before judging. Those other women with their superior, sour, schoolmarm judgmental looks bring up just the opposite response requiring me to close my eyes.

If you find yourself lusting like Jimmie Carter or leering like Wee Willie Winkie Clinton (a titular figure of Oval Office fame), well...


Craig, you're reaching in a really sad and pathetic way. Body language? Are you fucking shitting me? I can offer about a hundred pictures of happy smiling Nancy Pelosi. How many pictures of happy Hitler do I have to post that would convince you that he's a trustful fellow? Would you like me to post the pictures of Loehner looking all youthful and amused? How about the images of Charlie Manson's gleeful acolytes? If you wish, I can post up pictures of a happy and sexy Lorena Bobbitt, before she cut her husband's dick off. And there are angry and insane looking pictures of both Bachman and Palin, if you'd care to actually pay attention.

Dude, you are way "gone off the deep end". You are defending an asshole with what is possibly the stupidest argument ever offered. Body Language? These women smile and so they are trustworthy? Seriously Craig. Give up the bullshit and admit that Steve was just full of it. It really isn't that hard.

Craig Moore

Fucking shitting???

Wulfgar, I try my best to keep those two functions separated and properly sequence. That being said I might do to the latter to you but never the former. You be even less attractive than Nancy...and your beard would be scratchy.

But if it takes fanatasizing about "seeing Russia from your house" to get friendly with your wife, well just don't tell her about the visual viagra.



Still no worthy response. "Fanatasizing"?

Craig Moore

Yeah, as it appears you have to think about these women to bring the ink to your fountain to write this lascivious post. Hey, whatever works to keep an old guy like you thinking he can tap out steamy morse code on bed posts with his thumper.


Craig, that didn't make a lick of sense. Do try again.

Craig Moore

Sorry, I meant fountain pen. What is it about sister Sarah that gets you so sheep hugging crazy?

Craig Moore

...as in Wooly Wanka.


Craig, this post had nothing to do with Sarah Palin, much as you and Steve desperately wish it did.


Well, it sure as hell isn't about me. Maybe you should try again Rob.


Actually, Steve, it's all about you. Your proclamation otherwise? Goofy.


Let's see, you take what I said, then said something that I didn't say, and you claimed to know what I was thinking. Then, you enter one of your patented tirades as proof. Sure, it doesn't make any sense, but it's always worked for you in the past right?
You are becoming the Matt Yglesias of the Montana Blogosphere.


Thank you. I'm flattered.


I guess you should be.

David Crisp

"You forgot the best reason that I like Palin: She drives the Left insane."

Actually, Palin drives the right insane. Her obvious inadequacies of experience and judgment would be obvious to the right if she ever expressed a liberal sentiment. But the right is blind to her weaknesses.


You have got to be kidding David! As to qualifications, how can you say anything when your party has Joe Biden? You lack all credibility if you say he is better.
And yes, she does drive the Left insane, just look at this post, which is supposed to show demeaning attitudes toward women. Where is the same objection to the guy who wanted to "hate fuck" all the conservative women?

No, your hypocrisy is on full display, as well as your mental unbalance about her.


Steve, my comment to the "hate fuck" guy was left elsewhere, and it wasn't pleasantly disposed towards him. I don't owe you a personal response just because you're in love with half-term Quitter-in-Chief Sarah Palin. Quit mistaking your pathetic ignorance for hypocrisy.

I have come around to your point of view, though. I want desperately for Sarah Palin to run for President. Run, Sarah, run! In fact, I think you should empty your bank accounts to assist her campaign. Please, help her all you can. The nation needs her ...


I appreciate the support, and invite you to join her.

Okay, the snark has been fun.

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