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December 07, 2010



This is one of the most interesting posts I've read recently. It's sort of all over the place, but it expresses a sense of bewilderment that's close to mine.

I continue to like Obama very much. Or maybe I should say I like his style. But I think he made a mistake to cave to the Republicans. His press conference yesterday was a disaster.

I'd like to see his fellow Democrats give him some face-saving way of reversing his decision on the compromise. I want him to be able to run again in 2012 with the full and energetic support of his party.


The only question I have, Turner, I
is this:

If the Democrats in the House *do* scuttle the tax compromise, what is plan B? Is there a plan B? What I've seen over the last two days is both republicans and Democrats positioning themselves for a grand game of CYA. And one thing Obama seems to have unified folks on is that they're all, right and left, going to blame him.

Big Swede

Let's all ride the way back machine to Oct. 2008.

October 09, 2008


Kos conveys honestly and precisely what I've been attempting to get at through humor and venom.

The day after the election, I want to see an electoral battlefield littered with defeated Republicans, their ranks demoralized, their treasury in heavy debt, and no real leadership to take the helm. I want a vacuum so complete, that a bloody leadership battle between the neocons, theocons, and corporate cons shakes the GOP to its core, and leaves it fractured and ill-equipped to stymie the progressive agenda, much less ramp up for an even bleaker (for them) 2010.

Guys, (and gals - W) that's why I don't worry about complacency. We're not out to win this thing. We're out to crush them.

What's even better is Mark T's comment to this post.


he he he. Obama is the best thing to happen to this country.


August has your answer:

Seven or eight or so years ago (which I realize is an eternity in political and blogging terms--I don't even think Ezra Klein was born yet) blogging hit a defining moment in both utility and awfulness with the rise of "warbloggers--" a handful of incredibly vocal and persuasive conservatives who declared with no compromise that liberals were evil, Bush was righteous, and then nothing should get in the way of decimating Iraq, Afganistan, and/or anyone who looked at us funny. Counter-opinions to any of these people were met by, literally, photographs of people falling off the World Trade Center.

They were scared, ignorant, angry, and psychologically imbalanced people who dangerously hurt this country and its future. Many lived in the New York City area, utilizing personal knowledge of victims of 9/11 to cast utter righteousness of their desire to incinerate as many brown people as possible. Oh what a time is was for them.

I think of that now when I read how almost no prominent Republican is outraged that the GOP blocked the bill to give aid to 9/11 workers and victims. Not Giuliani, not Chris Christie, no one. Yesterday Bloomberg said it's "everyone's fault." They don't care. They never did. Like the non-crazy of us all knew all along, Republicans gave a shit about 9/11 vicims solely when it let them hate on Democrats.

I'm not expecting any of those stupid warblogger fuckers to crawl out of the woodwork begging for forgiveness, but you'd think at the very least they could apologize for being such assholes back then. And I suppose I should feel sorry for how obviously they were used but clearly I'm still just too angry at how fucking stupid they all were.

Quit being stupid.

Big Swede

Great link-should Mark his book.

Big Swede

should give Mark his book.


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