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November 05, 2010


Steve T.

Complain about the left all you want, but the bottom line is that about a third of the people who came out for Obama simply didn't show up to the polls this time around. And that's even with some of us getting guilted into it at the last minute. :-)

The question should be this: Can Obama do more to keep us happy on the left without alienating the center? Obviously, I think the answer is yes. No matter how far to the center he moves, and no matter how much he overtly carries out right-wing policy objectives, the far right will continue its crusade as the "Great Opessed White Army of Truth and Liberty and Thomas Jefferson and Stuff."

The bottom line is that the right is really good at getting its base to turn out to the polls while actually doing nothing for them. The Dems seem to be convinced that they can do the same... but it's just not the case. We are a whiny, picky, and actually care about results. I don't think this problem is going to go away, no matter how much we get talked down to.


Well, the dems were really good about "getting its base to turn out" two years ago when they elected Obama and a solid working majority in Congress. So your assumption is all wrong.

Face it, national and statewide/congressional elections are all about turnout on the macro scale. That's it. Secondarily it's about swinging centrist indies. Obama added in a third factor by registering a bunch of new voters in '08.

This election, the indies were pretty solidified before the polls opened, and all the even halfway close elections were won by battling for turnout. Which is how Harry Reid, and many other dem surprises won their close battles.

It was the 14 million voters who turned out for Obama in '08, but stayed home this year that turned the tide for republicans and t-partiers. Accurately predict and analyze why those voters stayed home and you can go to work for the Cook Report.

There's a lot of people who are pissed at Obama for setting up the current scenario by getting all these new voters excited and registered, and then not keeping them engaged enough to get them to turn out this time.

"Keeping them engaged" means a lot of things, like: using OFA intelligently; feeding his new base (get DADT done, public option, funnel populist anger against wall street, close Guantanamo, etc); appoint a new cadre of leadership instead of going all Clinton on us; being a weak leader (instead of always being so dang nice and accommodating--word choices matter!); and on and on...

Eric Coobs

Steve T's asumption is correct.

The Obama voters from 2008 were like a political one-night-stand, because after the Obamamania wore off, they were nowhere to be found.

Hopefully the Dems elect Pelosi as House Minority leader so we (The GOP) can have another big year.


Steve, I'm not complaining about "the left". As I have for many years now, I'm complaining about willful stupidity. Blue Texan takes comments well out of context, interprets them in a manner which shows the victimization of "the left" and runs with it. Excuse me if I misunderstood the dynamic here, but I thought being a professional victim was 'the rights' job.

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