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September 16, 2010


Big Swede

I"m not sure if Steve from Rabid Sanity comments here. And I'm pretty sure you don't read his blog.

That being the case I'd like to paste one of his posts. The post that says the Tea Party has already won.

"A.B. Stoddard's piece reminded me of something that was at the back of the brain and now brought to fore: No matter what happens in November, the Tea Party has already won. I know that the Democrats feel like the election of O'Connel and Angle will guarantee the Democrats remain in control of the Senate, and they may be right. What they don't understand is, it doesn't matter.
Think about what the dominant themes are this election. Nothing about abortion, card check, healthcare, in fact, the Democrats are totally ignoring those issues. Their traditional power bases for issues have failed them, and Democrats are now trying to portray themselves as fiscally responsible. Just a personal observation, but they aren't going to get any traction from that this year after what they had done, nor will they in 2012 if they still retain the Senate.
If the Democrats retain the Senate, they are going to be constrained by the fact that spending bills have to originate in the House. Assuming that the Republicans take the House, Ryan and Cantor are smart and agile enough that they going to be able to portray the Democrats as the obstructionists and those of the stale old ideas.
Not to say that the Republicans are immune if they fail to deliver. While many on the Left pretend that the Tea Party is wholly owned by the Republicans and Fox news, they actually have it backwards. Look at self identified Republicans. They are shrinking at about the same rate as the Tea Party is growing. And the Tea Partiers are energetic and enthused. The fact that the establishment members of the Republican party are throwing hissy fits over the loss of Murkowski, Bennet and whoever it was in Delaware, shows their impotence. They will need to recognize that they have two choices: Embrace and adapt the Tea Party, even if it means that social issues are not going to be pushed forward, or die.
The Democrats may have even less options."


Wulfgar I disagree with the basic premise of your piece that it's "Party Uberalles." If so, then certainly Senators Bennett and Murkowski would be surprised, as well as Rep. Castle, all selected by the pompous elites.
I would say that you ignore the power that the Democrat Party has over Republicans, in that they so try to emulate your party. Not to mention the political discussion that my wife (the Good Democrat) has before she votes: "Who is the Democrat?"
Interesting perspective you have, I just disagree with it. May be wrong, but like in my blog post, the issues are not being driven by the Democrats.


Big Swede, that's a whole lot of koolaid, and what amounts to a commentary on the rebranding of the republican right as something called "Tea Party (brought to you by Freedomworks, Inc.)"


Swede, I do read Rabid Sanity, but usually only when the Dextra Feed is working. I really need to update my link lists.

Steve, first, lets us ignore the generally refutable notion that any incumbent was 'chosen by the party elites', and the specifically laughable notion that Murkowski was chosen by the party elites.

Second, putting party first is not what defeated the GOP favored, it's what lead to it. The slavish devotion to the Republican brand gave rise to the monster. Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster, yet popular culture ignores that fact completely, if you take my meaning. We're not disagreeing on that point, because the Tea Party holds the Republican brand as sacred enough to sacrifice a few 'RINOs' for. Please notice the freak out among the Tea People that Crist caused by running as an independent. Notice also, that no defeated Tea Party candidates, and there were a lot of them, have chosen to run as independents or form their own party. It's Republicans, all the way down. That's pretty much the point of my post.

Third, the anecdotes about your wife are kindly amusing. But they are also irrelevant, save to support the Straw Man of Democrats you remain so desperate to build.

Fourth, I'd be interested to find out exactly what power you think the Democrats have over the Republicans. You deny any power yourself on the one point of which we completely agree.

the issues are not being driven by the Democrats.
No, they're not. They should be.

Fifth, it's possible that you're mistaking this post of mine as having been written to be an indictment of the Republicants or the Tea Party. It wasn't. It actually dovetails into a comment I left at 4 & 20, about how progressives are allowing (sometimes begging) the Republicans to drive the narrative. You're absolutely right, health care is not an issue in this upcoming election cycle, because it's all Obamacare now, and it FAILED, FAILED I TELL YOU!!! That's what coming from progressives, but they didn't call the tune. Republicans did that. A Democratic discussion would be "how do we fix it or make it better". Same with the economy. That isn't what progressives are talking about. They're talking about punishing Democrats by giving the keys of governance to the crazy. Oh that'll learn 'em I'm sure. No, they've let the Republican party, and the newly formed Storm-Trooper wing, call the shots. See, they have a handy scapegoat, Rhambama, just like the Tea Party says.

Elections are about voting in people we want to represent us. That ain't Sharron Angle and her chickens for doctors program. It ain't O'Donnell with her 'proof of creationism' and her sqeams for hairy palms. That's a message for Democrats, not Republicans. Republicans will rationalize the crazy and embrace it, because of Party Uber Alles. If Democrats weren't following the Republican lead, they'd know better than that.

Big Swede

You're right Lisa wasn't 'chosen by the parties elites' , she and her Daddy ARE the parties elites when it comes to Alaskan politics.

Who's more slavishly devoted to the party is debatable. Seems to me as evidenced in Butte politics if Dad and Mom were D's then I'm one too.

I'm reminded of the UTube that was going around shortly after Obamas election-the one interviewing Dems leaving the polling booths. Stupidity and slavery on display.

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