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September 27, 2010


Matt Singer

Congrats! And thanks for your writing. We appreciate it.


payday slime devil smashing would not be as fun without your initial basic training wulf.

appreciate the refresher courses occasionally too!

Craig Moore

Liberal gig? Is that like frogs? ;)

Happy B-day. Don't quit...or I'll have to come down there and gig you.


Happy Lucky 7 Wulfgar!

Larry Kralj

Good on you! You're just warmin' up!

Montana Cowgirl

So glad you will continue!


Congrats to a cranky blogger from another. Seven years? I know how long that is in dog years, but in blogger years, that has to be at least a 100.


Ah, don't worry, you'll get the seven year itch...


Congrats, Rob!

Just for you, I'll make another post this year. ;-)

Eric Coobs

"love ya all?"

Do you love me too? LOL

Seven years is an amazing run.

Actually, City Lights was a pretty liberal blog when you started, were you before him?

Congrats on the 7 years Rob.


Actually, Eric, I do predate Ed. And it's not that I don't love you. I just think you're kinda stupid. It's like loving a dumb cat. Just because it smacks itself into a mirror doesn't mean it isn't adorable.

D Gregory Smith

You rock! ~D Gregory.

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