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September 22, 2010


Larry Kralj

Good stuff. It's hard for me to take the time to write well on the blogs any more because it seems that pretty much everything has already been said and beaten to death. But I still carefully read Wulfgar and Ochenski. They still write well. And that's so refreshing.

Eric Coobs

Well Rob, you were almost orgasmic at the election of The Great Leader, President Obama, the post-racial, post-partisan, best-chance-to-elect-a-black-president candidate-in-our-lifetime, so if there's anybody to be angry at I'd suggest you look in a mirror.

Banned in Beantown

Kinda long, ya think? You lost me at "Bet". See, I don't read so good. Maybe you could dumb it down a bit for me? I'd 'perciate it, yuck yuck. ~derp~


It's the Coobster! Ah yes, the wonderful arguement of post-racial America. Which is something that Republicans always love to hark on. No Racism anywhere around here, no sirree. Great post Rob. And if there's anyone to be angry at, Coobsie, it's people like you. People like you make people like me very angry. So unless you posted your face on Rob's mirror, which is just ew, how stalkerish can you get(very apparently) I think Rob is going to have no problems looking in the mirror.

Big Swede

Funny thing.

I thought the Dems held their annual Harvest Dinner April 16th.


You wore me out before the end. But I'm not buying. Partisan politics, primaries that emphasize radical politics, "rallies" and "protests", they've destroyed political thinking and discourse in this country, this state, this town. There is no room to do the right thing anymore.

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