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September 23, 2010



message received wulf. you and me are still gonna troll a couple of half back caddis next summer past brian's house and steal his fish.

no talking blogs or politics though.

Eric Coobs

It's another bank bailout - whoopee - LOL


Eric, I'm only a fair programmer at best, but even I've written an AI better than the software which runs you. If legislation seeks to help anyone your instant reaction is "Bailout". You don't know why; you can't justify your response. You're just programmed that way.

If I were you, I'd go in search of an upgrade.


While I don't agree with Eric that it is another bailout, I do not believe that it will generate as much stimulus as the article presents. Both Forbes and WSJ ran articles predicting that this measure will not reap as much benefit as the administration believes. CNN money also carried a similar analysis. I will see if I can find it and post it.

That said, anything that slows the increadably fast rate at which small business (primarily mom and pop businesses) fail would be a good thing. Five business in Dillon have closed in the last five months and many more are struggling. Nationally, small business is in real trouble and can use all the help they can get.

The Polish Wolf

The Wall Street Journal and Forbes also predicted that we would have excessive inflation today...

...and lets not forget that most of these 'bail outs', at least the last ones, ended up not costing nearly as much as was expected - 89 billion right now, about a tenth of the Iraq war. Not bad considering the jobs saved.

Mark Tokarski

Mark, you're not welcome here. Go away.

Mark Tokarski

I would remind you of your boast that all one need do is ask you to leave and you would. You've been asked. Now stay out.


So how did Dems aping Republican policies become a victory?


CFS, that question carries a boatload of baggage with it but I'll tackle it anyway.

1) Not all policies that supposedly are owned by the Republicans are *bad* policies. Some times, a good idea is just a good idea. Small business stimulus is a good idea.

2) It's kinda specious to call this a "Republican" policy when the Republicans were almost universally against it, wouldn't you agree?


Another $12 billion in tax cuts won't amount to much considering all the other stimulus the government has attempted.

As for the $30 billion to expand credit... The fed does that on a daily basis by buying up T-bills in much greater proportions than $30 billion. The result of which is to expand the money supply and spur lending. Which has so far failed because financial fixters are getting in the middle and money continues to flow into speculation rather than investment.

So at this point we need more leadership than some measly tax cuts that amount to little.

And to call something a good idea just because Rs are currently against it is a shallow argument. They are currently against everthying but extending the Bush tax... Only because that is the only issue most Amerians probably remember the Rs being for... So they can't back down now since they are about to win that battle.

How the tables have turned... Rs are now somehow against tax cuts and Ds are somehow turning a blind eye to the abuse of executive power...

Just because things have changed doesn't mean that they have changed... On
Y that the tactical situation has shifted.


CFS, there are two things I have come to expect in any discussion with Progressives.

1) Expectation of an excluded middle. I know you to be a bright man, so I will not explain the law of the excluded middle. What I'm discussing is the progressive interest in misapplying it. That is often put as the perfect being the enemy of the good. In other words, if legislation can be critiqued usually as "not being good enough" than it is bad. No, good is still good, and regardless whether you think this stimulus is good enough or whether it "will amount to much", it's still good. And the loan provisions are not the same as the bank bailout provisions. This isn't perfect legislation, but it does target a sector which needs help right now. I'd call that good; maybe just not progressive enough.

2) You say:

And to call something a good idea just because Rs are currently against it is a shallow argument.

You're absolutely right. But as is the progressive norm any more, no one made that argument. You conjured it up. It's a Straw Man. Kindly don't put words in my mouth. As Mark T can attest, it really really annoys me.

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