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August 09, 2010



Is that news caster asking the questions deaf or just stupid? He basically asked the same question four times. The attorney was articulate and explained the situation clearly - the Judge ruled (in keeping with previous decisions of the Supreme Court) and the right to marraige is a fundamental right and therefore protected under the 14th amendment.. What part of that was hard to understand?

Montana Cowgirl

This is the best thing I've ever watched on Fox News. How did they let someone so smart get interviewed?

Mike Stone

That, was awesome.


Cowgirl, the answer to your question comes from Chris Wallace (the supposed journalist conducting the interview). Most of his questions boiled down to the same tired whine.

"But ... But, you're a conservative? HOW COULD YOU BETRAY US SO!"

In the FOX news country of Conservo-world, agreement with identity trumps intelligence every time. I simply don't think it dawned on anyone there that Olson could have those fancy liberal leanings, like principles. After all; they don't.

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