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August 05, 2010


Montana Cowgirl

First take on this. Way better story than anything in the excellent book "Downtown Owl"http://www.amazon.com/Downtown-Owl-Novel-Chuck-Klosterman/dp/1416544186 which I loved. Have you guys read this? It's about small town scandals and teachers. Dark comedy and conspiracy theories. But no serial killers...great story.

Mike and Iris

It is truly a small world my friend... My father was good friends with Wayne Nance's father, one of my coworkers was friends with Wayne's friends and actually knew him well. She said he was very protective of her (scary)... and you forgot to mention we used to party in the same area of the East Missoula forests that Wayne was disposing of his bodies.... at the time he was doing his killings.

Montana Cowgirl

Thanks for the story, you are most welcome for the links. Seriously this is a good one.

mr benson

Good stories. I think you'd find many large cities share the same vices and corruptions as you observed growing up in a small town. It's really the people, not the system itself, that makes the results good or bad.


I am the commenter who referred to Dale Dye of Dillon and was mistaken because the encounter I had was indeed in Hamilton.My mistake. At the time I was living in a cabin just north of Darby on ,I believe, Rennick land. The deputy i had my initial encounter with had a 59 or 60 Chrysler for his official car. Great story from the late 60's. My mistake about the place.

Jon's Mom

Thanks for the well written story; I can still remember how truly frightened we all were until he was caught, and how (even now) we keep our wits about us, mace handy, and our doors locked. You'll be pleased to know that the Shook kids fared better than could be expected. After they got out of the hospital and were healed of their injuries from the fire, etc., they were adopted by relatives, had their names changed, and were raised in a happy home in Stevensville.


So weird to be reminded of this awful time in the Bitterroot valley. I was 11 when my father came home to tell us Donna Pounds had been found murdered. He was a minister, a friend of Harvey Pounds, and we all knew and loved Donna. I remember I had to retrieve something from the back of our station wagon that night as the conversation continued in the kitchen. I was crawling into the darkened car, it was late in the night, and as I reached for whatever it was I had to have, a sonic boom reverberated through the valley. We used to have them regularly here. I knew I'd been shot and killed by the same demon that had taken our sweet Donna. Funny, yet horrible. My scream from outside was the only thing that elicited a laugh from anyone that night, as it was obvious to anyone there what had happened. To this day, if I hear a sonic boom, I remember Donna. So wonderful to hear the Shook kids got a second chance from loving family.


Interesting story. I knew Wayne Nance when I was in the US Navy. I met him several times. It was back in 1975, I was stationed on the USS Robison DDG-12, when he came aboard to say goodby to his shipmates. If memory serves, Nance had been discharged before I got stationed on the ship. He had gone crazy in the shop and had thrown an LS-386 (a comm. unit) around the shop, doing much damage. Thank God Mr. Wells had a weapon. Just one more reason the keep yourself armed.

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