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August 19, 2010


Craig Moore

Zombies are nothing more than the kimchi of the flesh world. Smells bad, tastes worse.


Let them come... I could use some target practice and some of my ammo is getting old.

I did like Amanda's peice though. Having worked with power production, I am painfully aware of how quickly things would fail without Human interaction, though I dare say that even with a worst case Zombie Apocolypse, those basic systems would be the first defended and (at least here in the West) probably wouldn't be off all that long. Oil plants, natural gas plants and coal plants would probably not come back up quickly, but you can bet that at least a few of the hydroelectric grids would be back up for at least emergency power use.

The big problem that would freak people out would be the loss of communication - phones, TV, Computers, etc.- and the loss of our mobile lifestyle. Even the loss of the mail system would freak some out. Most of us take our mobile lifestyle for granted but when the cars stop working and people have to hoof it back and forth, things could get really interesting. "Gas Barons" would take on a while new meaning.

Bill Nelson

Great analysis. I have to admit that when I read the Cracked article I wondered how it fit with their other article - scientific reasons how the zombie apocalypse could happen. I agree with your reasoning - many of the standard reasoning methods may not apply to a zombie - too many unknowns. I also agree that the zombies may be the least of your problems when the apocalypse comes, which incidentally, is currently about ten years away, according to the formula on wezombie.com.

Eric Coobs

After watching the movie Zombieland, I decided that a crap-shoot on Zombies might be kind of fun - LOL

I'll be like Woody Harrelson, paint a '3' on the door of the Chevy, and the hunt will be on -

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