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July 19, 2010


Montana Cowgirl

You make a great point. A party platform is completely pointless, except for opponents to use to bash the other party. (Keep posting your platform Republicans.) It has absolutely no value or purpose. What matters is what the candidate stands for. In fact, political parties have no value at all except that they are able to take unlimited contributions, unlike candidates.

Jay Stevens

Yeah, I'm with Cowgirl. Platforms have become increasingly irrelevant. Still, it would be nice to have a succinct set of issues that all, say, Democrats espouse...

As for the "problem," the right to birth control and abortions happened...30+ years ago? Here's a short list of what we could use:

-- reduce health care costs
-- climate change legislation
-- end wars in Iraq/Afghanistan
-- end workplace/housing discrimination against gays


I honestly don't believe that one will ever find all Democrats agreeing on any set of rules. That having been written, I agree that all of those planks are good, very good. To those I would add the repeal of DADT, the repeal of many provisions in Patriot Act I, the repeal of Patriot Act II in it's entirety, and killing the MCA with hellfire. But what we could use and need was not the focus of my rather mild rant.

I learned a long time ago that many self professed liberals (and nearly all libertarians) have a weakness. They absolutely cannot stand to be disagreed with. From such a jaundiced view, not voicing expressed and earnest agreement is as good as advocating for the contrary position. That's why it's been so very disheartening to see such gnashing of teeth over things like Party platforms.

In truth, Jay, sometimes it looks to me like some hippies have been punched for so long that all they want is for someone else to punch back.

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