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July 16, 2010



Go for high higher heat and use a high smokepoint oil, not butter. Butter will burn before the flour and you'll end up with something that is no longer butter. You also gain nothing by doing it longer. Use high heat to brown the flour faster.

Also, you can brown the flour anyway you want. Doing it in a dry pan works just as well. You can brown it first and add the oil at the end.

Also also, etoufee is Creole and doesn't need a dark roux.

Also also also, I find a good way to make the roux stop cooking is to add all of the vegetables off the heat. The veggies brown and the roux cools all at the same time.

Maybe we should have a gumbo throwndown at the next MT party.

Sorry about the thumb.


Jon, it doesn't matter at this point. Update clarifies.


Agreed. Some sort of curse.


I'm not sure the roux hates you, but the microwave sure does! lol

Mike Stone

I think you need to boil the Ramen noodles longer to make them softer. Sorry, I know that doesn't apply to your roux, but it's the only cooking advice I'm qualified to give.

Dave Budge

Next time make your roux in the oven. Same mix of flour to fat (I use butter too) and put it in a heavy pot at 350 for about two hours stirring only every half hour or so. Yeah, I've made it perfectly in the stove top too but I had it turn to burnt shit more often than not. Ever since I learned the oven method it's been a breeze - and a lot less work.


Dave, I've read of other people doing that and found the idea pretty intriguing. Not so great for Summer, but you should be able to freeze roux. Of course I'll have to make certain I don't thaw it in the microwave.

Sincerely, thanks for the tip.


I took a New Orleans-flavored cooking class here at Missoula's Good Food Store on Mardi Gras last year. The instructor, a good ol' Southern boy from Charleston, agrees with Paula Deen: OIL is in the roux, at least when it comes to classic Creole dishes like etoufee. The dude used peanut oil. The roux turned chocolate brown, eventually. However, I didn't like the flavor it imparted to whole dish; if you ask me, I had a bowl of roasted peanut etoufee, not shrimp etoufee.

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